One of the major reasons that a user may need to disable Find My iPhone is if they have forgotten the passcode to their iPhone. Another reason that someone might need to disable Find My iPhone is if they gave the phone to a friend or relative and forgot to delete their data off it first. If you accidentally purchased an iPhone that still has this enabled, this will not help you reset it. Under the All Devices tab, select the iPhone that you are planning to remove from the list. After the device has been removed the only your other devices that are online should appear in the Find My iPhone list. It is important to note that after removing the device from Find My iPhone you can no longer track it.
If I want to erase a phone from “find my iPhone” app, does it erase all the info I have stored on my phone itself or does it just remove it from the app itself? I just got into this situation with my test iPod Touch running a beta of iOS 9 which expired. Hello, My iPhone 5c has a water damaged screen but everything else works… Siri talks, ringer buzzes etc.
Removing the Find My phone from your device from cloud isnt enough to back it up from icloud or itunes.
The camera on the iPhone takes great photos that it’s not hard to fill up the internal memory with all your favorite videos and snapshots. Hi there, in this post I’m going to show you four easy ways to transfer the photos and videos on your iPhone to your PC’s desktop.
One way to transfer your iPhone photos to your computer is to use the “My Photo Stream,” feature in iCloud. Then, as soon as the magic starts flowing, find the photos on your computer and move them locally to the drive. To start using Carousel on the iPhone, download the app from the App Store and sign up for a Dropbox account.
Online Cloud storage services have their perks, but one drawback to this option is that it requires access to a Wi-Fi network.
To get around situations where Wi-Fi is not an option or if you don’t want to use your precious cellular data. Another mobile friendly method to transfer your photos off your iPhone, but without the need to be near a computer is to use a memory flash drive.
And to further extend their capabilities most, (if not all) flash drives have downloadable apps. For managing photos off the iPhone, these are the Flash Drives that I like (and recommend). If you’re planning on visiting a secluded island in the middle of nowhere on your next vacation. Well, there you have it, You have just learned four ways to transfer the photos on the iPhone to your computer, so don’t wait until the memory is full to get your photos backed-up.
If you have any question or would like anything further explained, please let me know in the comments. I’m committing to making more videos like this one to help you navigate the iOS platform and help you to get more done on the go with your favorite Apple Mobile device. I write stuff about technology and share my views here on getting more done on-the-Go with the iPhone, the iPad, and on the web. A few notes before we begin: Although signing up for iCloud is free, you cana€™t do so just anywhere.
If youa€™ve ever purchased anything from the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore, you have an Apple ID.
All iCloud accounts stem from Apple IDs, so ita€™s easy to convert your current Apple ID into an iCloud account. NEW MAIL If you want to add an iCloud email address to your old Apple ID, just turn on the Mail switch (or check the checkbox on your Mac) in your iCloud preference pane. From there, youa€™ll either have to enter your current email address or type what you want your new iCloud email address to be. After that, to finish up, simply indicate whether you want to get email updates from Apple, and then agree to the terms and conditions. When you first set up your device, you should have seen a screen asking you to sign in or sign up for an Apple ID and iCloud; even if you chose not to set that up when you first unboxed the gadget, getting an account is simple. As on an iOS device, once youa€™ve set up iCloud on your Mac, it syncs your email (if you have set that up), contacts, calendars, and so on.
In contrast to iOS devices and Macs, a Windows PC doesna€™t come with any kind of iCloud control panel preinstalled; you first have to download it from Applea€™s website.
When you sign in to the control panel for the first time, it asks whether you want to send diagnostic and usage information to Apple; accepting this arrangement allows the company to automatically (and anonymously) collect data on any crashes you might have related to iCloud, and to send that data back to its central servers to prevent similar crashes from happening in the future. SIMPLE SYNC You dona€™t get as many options for syncing iCloud information on Windows as you do on the Mac or on iOS. Serenity has been writing and talking and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click.
Ita€™s been four long years since Microsoft released the last version of Office for the Mac, in 2010. Although Microsoft released the latest version of its email client on Friday, the roadmap to the next version of Office is the real news. Microsoft issued an apology of sorts for the delay, noting that it had put the Mac on the back burner while it developed mobile versions for the iPad and other platforms.
For those familiar with the Outlook Web App or Outlook for Windows, the new Outlook client should hold few, if any surprises. Aesthetically, the new Outlook for the Mac looks a lot like Outlook for Windows, part of the perpetual Office 365 upgrade cycle. Here's how to get it: Consumers should visit their My Account page, while commercial subscribers should click on their Software pageA or accessing their Office 365 portal. Why this matters:A Basically, Microsoft hopes to lure Mac users to its perpetual subscription model, in much the same way ita€™s hoping to persuade its traditional Windows customers to do the same. As PCWorld's senior editor, Mark focuses on Microsoft news and chip technology, among other beats. What I needed was an occupancy sensor switch on the wall near the door that could turn on the hallway lights as soon as someone walked in from the garage (especially nice when carrying groceries). Once everything was wired up and the power turned back on at the breaker, I was pleased to see that everything worked exactly as I’d hoped. The Maestro Occupancy Sensor Switch retails for $41, but can be picked up for around $30 at most big box hardware stores (I got mine at Home Depot), or slightly less on Amazon.
It’s affordable, easy to install yourself, and does exactly what it promises on the box. Is your photo of the switch the MS-OPS5M or the MSCL-OP153M with dimmer functionality as evidenced by the strip of LED’s on the left side? About Steve Steve Jenkins is an Internet entrepreneur, tech CEO, all-around geek, speaker, consultant, martial arts black belt, PADI rescue diver, obstacle course racer, and self-proclaimed technology Jedi and business samurai who is passionate about anything that has blinking lights, a throttle, a trigger, or a Swiss movement.
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I dona€™t consider myself an excessively private person nor think Ia€™m a superspy in civilian clothes.

The Share My Location section in Settings also lets you remove people youa€™re tracking one at a time, no matter by which method you follow them, by tapping a name and tapping Stop Sharing My Location.
It also lets you pick your a€?presence,a€? which device you want to announce your location, out of your set of devices logged into the same iCloud account. What ita€™s good for: sharing your current location with optional geofencing notifications with up to 50 close, personal friends.
Find My Friends shows everyone who has shared his or her location with you, and their current known location.
The Find My Friends app (shown as Find Friends on the iOS home screen), introduced in late 2011, is the oldest method of sharing location.
The notion is that you add and remove people you know with whom you want to share your location as a binary thinga€”on or off. Find My Friends used to let you set up both a quasi-permanent group from which you can add and remove people, as well as time-bound temporary events. Tapping the Me button and then tapping Notifications lets you set up a list of people with whom you want to give them alerts. You can set geofencing alerts to be notified about other people's movement within Find My Friends. If your children (or perhaps elderly relatives, with permission) have cellular-enabled iOS devices, being able to know when they arrive or leave school, home, or other locations can be a passive way to obtain peace of mind without the necessity to text or call from either end of that relationship.
This works in reverse, too, as anyone sharing his or her location with you can be pinned down as well. You can switch the device thata€™s used for presence, as in the Settings app, by tapping the Me item and picking a device from Share My Location From section near the top. Family Sharing is a more intimate way to give up-to-date information on your whereabouts to those with whom you also trust with your iTunes purchases and other items. The Share My Location view in Settings combines a global off button, a presence choice, and a list of all those who can see you.
When enrolling in Family Sharing, each invited member can choose whether or not to allow tracking of their location; tapping Not Now defers the decision, and it can be changed later.
Apple grafted Family Sharing into iOS 8 so that ita€™s available almost as a special group relative to Find My Friends. If you remove a family member, you can invite them back later, and they can confirm that they want to follow your position.
Family Sharing members can also use Find My iPhone for tracking as long as sharing is on, seeing where all devices that are both associated with an included iCloud account are located and have location sharing enabled.
With any individual or group iMessage, whether already underway or one youa€™re starting by selecting a member or members, you can access sharing options by tapping the Details button to the right of the person or list of peoplea€™s name. For someone with whom you're actively sharing your location, Messages lets you opt to share a Maps slice or to stop sharing.
For individuals or groups that youa€™re not already connected with, you can also tap Share My Location and choose among sharing for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.
Messages sends a section of the map as your current location, which can be tapped for a Maps view. If sent via Messages, the map section works just as if youa€™d used Send My Current Location directly from Messages.
A travel agency in my hometown when I was growing up had the slogan, a€?When you go, go away.a€? Perhaps not the best thought-out motto, but it does summarize my general view on being out of sight. The device should appear offline, if the iPhone still appears online refresh the page and check that is the correct device you want to remove. By removing the device you also cannot erase the iPhone’s data, or have sounds and messages sent to it. When i pressed the button to restore iphone it told me to turn off Find My Phone… So i did using this web and it still asked me to turn off Find My Phone! If you do a hard reset (power+home buttons held down until reset) WHILST CONNECTED TO USB you will get prompted in iTunes to restore the device.
So, it’s essential to know how to transfer the photos from the phone to a more appropriate place like to your computer.
And we’ll look closely at the options that automate the task, and can free up memory on your phone. If you’re using Windows, you’ll need to install Windows for iCloud first, then follow the same.
For example, the iXpand app can be set to auto-save photos and videos to the drive when connected and play music and movie files directly from the flash drive. If you don't already know, iCloud is a free syncing and backup service from Apple that aims to keep all of your devicesa€”mobile devices running iOS 5 or later and desktop computers running OS X Lion or later, or Windows Vista or latera€”on the same page, with the same data, no matter which one youa€™re using at any given moment. But what if youa€™re unsure about how to set up iCloud in the first place and how to get it to work on your Mac, PC, iOS device, and Apple TV? You should ever need only one or two, so youa€™ll probably never run up against the limit; because the limit persists after full device wipes, however, you may see a warning about it if youa€™ve received an older iOS device or Mac.
Youa€™ll still be able to use your Apple ID for everything you currently use it for, but youa€™ll also get all of iClouda€™s features. The screen will prompt you to agree to the iCloud terms and conditions; once you do, youa€™re ready to begin using the service. If you want one, simply go to Settings > iCloud on an iOS device and toggle the Mail switch on (or, on a Mac, click the checkbox). On an iOS device, go ahead and tap the Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom of the iCloud settings screen. Youa€™ll see a space for logging in with an Apple ID and password, and a Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom. All options are on by default except for 'Back to My Mac', which you must turn on manually; again, if you want iCloud not to sync specific data, just click the respective toggle to turn it off. But your Mac does offer support for iClouda€™s data sync, allowing iCloud-compatible programs to store their documents and data there.
And, as noted above, your PC is also the only device you cana€™t use to create an iCloud account, so youa€™ll need to have first made one on your Mac or iOS device. Unfortunately, the Windows operating system doesna€™t support syncing reminders, notes, iCloud data, or PC versions of Back to My Mac or Find My Mac. To do so, go to the Settings screen of your Apple TV, click iTunes Store, and enter your account information. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
In the first half of 2015, Microsoft will release a public beta version of Office for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Our door from the garage opens into a long hallway with a mud room area and coat closet on the right, and doorways to the the laundry and a bathroom on the left. I counted 27 available colors on Amazon, but I settled for the Light Almond to match all the other switches at the house. Throw the breaker to cut off power, remove the old switch, then install the new switch using the same wires. However, the included instructions explained it nicely (as does that video above), so it only took a few extra minutes to access the second switch and modify the wiring.
He enjoys listening to others' opinions before politely pointing out that they're completely wrong.

But therea€™s something about sharing my location with other people that gives me the heebie-jeebies. Each method of sharing brings with it a complementary control that lets you either disable it temporarily, stop sharing entirely to a given individual, or set a time-bounded limit.
Apple has responded to these sorts of worries or discomforts by making fine-grained options available. The view will show either or both groups Friends and Family, depending on whom youa€™ve added.
You can select this either in Share My Location > From, and picking a listed device, or in Find My Friends, as noted below. It helped me snag a ride for the first time in January 2012 as I noticed friends driving near San Franciscoa€™s airport.
The app is asymmetrical in that you can add up to 50 people with whom you choose to share your location, and view the locations of up to 50 people who dona€™t need to be the same folks.
It isna€™t your full Contacts list but, rather, seemingly filtered by those people who have an email address that is also an Apple ID. Geofencing is a nifty feature that lets you attach an action to moving into or out of a defined geographic area. Right Now pushes your current place, while When I Leave and When I Arrive sends the note when your state changes. Tap a contact in the Friends list, then tap Notify Me, and you can pick to be told when they Arrive or Leave their current location or any location you specify.
The Friends group is shown here, and your Family Sharing partners are in a separate Family group. You use Find My Friends to see family members, and theya€™re listed under a Family heading in the Share My Location options in Settings. Rather than send dynamic location information, you can share a map tile from the Maps app by tapping the Share button, and then choose a means of sending it. But when you travel, even between school and home, work and apartment, or with others, having the ability to be founda€”and choose when you area€”reduces some of the stress associated with it.
There is a setting under iCloud on the iPhone itself to turn off the service, but there are other ways to disable the service. If you have restored your iPhone from a backup there may be additional iPhone’s in the all devices list, it is safe to remove them as long as they appear offline.
Carousel, in a nutshell, is a Photo Managing app provided by Dropbox, that allows users to share and sync their digital photos and videos stored in their Dropbox account with anyone and from anywhere.
There’s always the old school method of connecting the phone directly to your computer. Once the two are connected, you could either use iTunes or your preferred photo management app of choice to transfer the photos to the desired location on your hard drive.
Unfortunately, Windows users have to create an account on one of these platforms before they can log in from a PC. If you do get an alert preventing you from making a new iCloud account, I suggest going to your nearest Apple Store, where they should be able to help you sort it out.
And if you haveA family members who use this Apple ID, theya€™ll still be able to use it for purchases without getting all of your iCloud information. Youa€™ll then see a prompt to create an iCloud email address to go along with your account. All iCloud options are on by default; if you want iCloud not to sync a specific item type, just tap the appropriate toggle to turn it off. Nevertheless, it will have been five years since Microsoft has released a new version of Office for the Mac by the time it finally ships.
This entrance hallway continues about 20 feet where it hits the kitchen and the living room. The switch for the entrance hallway lights is on the left wall, immediately after you come in the door from the garage. The Maestro 600’s part number is MS-OPS5M, followed by a two letter designation for the color (so mine was the MS-OPS5M-LA).
I can turn it off manually with the companion switch when I reach the kitchen, or just wait 5 minutes and it will turn itself off. So if you’re tired of constantly reminding your kids to shut off their bedroom lights, I recommend buying one and installing it in vacancy sensor mode.
I absolutely dona€™t want to do it all the time, but I love the ability to choose when, where, and to whom I do. This article will familiarize you with the four ways you can share location in iOS, which may include methods you dona€™t know about. Select one or more people, and tap Invite, and they will receive an alert and can opt to follow you or not.
Of course, this is all opt in: nobody gets alerts about your movements without your explicitly setting it up. As with Find My Friends, you can disable all location sharing or pick individuals and remove their ability to track you. You can also tap Stop Sharing My Location, which turns off location sharing just as if you tapped in the Settings app.
But NOT to worry, all of Carousel’s photo managing features have been added to the Dropbox iOS app. So, capture all the moments that you want, but just remember that they’re not waterproof.
Current Office 365 subscribers will be able to upgrade for free, as expected; Microsoft also said that it would ship a a€?perpetual license of Office for Maca€? (aka a standalone version) in the same timeframe. It can be configured via simple push-button commands to act as an occupancy sensor or a vacancy sensor. Additionally, I could manually turn on the hallway lights with the companion switch, and then the Lutron would turn them off again after sensing no motion for 5 minutes. The one I used is not a dimmer, and therefore does not have the dimmer indicator lights or the slim dimmer toggle. Does this mean that I have to install a second jumper switch on the third three ways switch? To prevent a series of notifications, you can drag the geofence, shown as an orange shaded circle, further away to encompass more variation in location, such as across an entire college campus or large building up to cities or states. I went to my iTunes and the it showed up to setup as new or restore from back and I choose restore from back and it is restoring now. Or install one in a pantry, closet, or laundry room and set it to turn the lights on automatically when you walk in with your hands full. An occupancy sensor turns the light on automatically, then shuts off automatically after a pre-determined amount of time (5 minutes by default in this case). A vacancy sensor requires you to turn the light on manually, but then shuts it off after it doesn’t sense motion for an amount of time. By default, this switch operates as an occupancy sensor, so that’s how I left its settings.

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