All data selected is going to be copied from the phone on the left to the phone on the right.
You can not only transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung, but also send over messages and other data as well. Click Copy button at the bottom section from the mobile transfer software, your contacts will be copied over from iPhone to Samsung. This mobile data transfer tool is cross-platform, works with various mobile OS, such as BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Nokia, etc.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. The article demonstrates how to transfer your iPhone contacts to a Samsung Galaxy S6 or the older Galaxy S5 and S4. The first step is to transfer the iPhone contacts to the PC in a format which can be read by the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S5. This is how easy it is to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5 or older. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Provide professional Video File Converter, iPhone Data Recovery, Data Recovery for Mac, Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery, iPhone SMS Recovery tools. As we all know, Samsung mobile phone and apple iphone are extremely popular along the world. After downloading and installing the Samsung to iPhone contacts transfer, you should run it.
As a matter of fact, apart from transfer contact from Samsung to iPhone, MobileTrans allows you to copy Samsung SMS and contacts to Android phone with one click too.
With the rapid development of Android phones, many of us are switching from Nokia to the latest Samsung GALAXY S4.

Some iOS users find there are many limits using their iPhone and want to take the plunge into Android and Samsung of course is their first choice.
The mobile transfer program will then identify the devices connected and you will get a screen as following. If you find your Samsung mobile is displayed in the left column, the iPhone in the right column, you need to click the Flip button between them to switch the position. I can check my bank account, upload a picture to Instagram, email someone across the globe, and check the weather forecast on my phone—all in under five minutes.So why does transferring contacts from an iPhone 5 over to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feel like it takes hours? In order to transfer these contacts to your Galaxy Note 2, you'll need to first export them to your Gmail account. It's really simple to use—with nothing more than an upward swipe, all your contacts are backed up to the NQ Contacts Cloud. The process is quick, simple, works for any iPhone, and will transfer all contacts along with their full details such as contact photo, emails, phone numbers, address, notes etc.
He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. Then if you want to clear you iPhone, the destination phone, click the bar "Clear data before copy". Moreover, if you have any demand of moving your data, namely contacts, SMS, and text messages, from iOS to Android, it can be a good helper. After connected, the Nokia phone will be showed in the box of a€?Sourcea€? and the Samsung GALAXY S4 will be showed in the box of a€?Destinationa€?. Hit on a€?Start Copya€? button, all the contacts, text messages, photos and music will be copied from Nokia to Samsung GALAXY S4 directly. In this guide, we will be using mobile contacts transition as the example to show you how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, like Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, from iPhone to other Android smartphones. To switch the postion in this screen, you can easily transfer contacts from Samsung to iPhone.

There is certainly one thing that you might pay close attention to, that is, the questions of contacts transfer from Samsung to iPhone, the above questions illustrate this point.
However, it came with a lot of problems when I wanted to transfer the data from Nokia to my new mobile phone. It can help you send many the files from iPhone to Samsung or the other way around, such as contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, videos and music. After all, editing contacts one by one is definitely a tedious job, not to mention the contacts in large quantity. During this contacts transferring progress, you ought not to disconnect either of your phones. In this tutorial we will be using MobileTrans mobile data transfer tool to achieve that in an easier way. If you are using any other Android phones other than a Samsung, you can also use this tool to transfer contacts from iPhone to your Android phones. On your Note 2, go to Settings -> Add account and log in to your Google account, making sure to check Sync Contacts under Sync settings. When transferring contacts, it not just transfers contact names and phone numbers, but moves job title, email address, company name, and more.
If you don't want to sync the contacts through your Note 2, you can connect it to your computer and use Kies, Samsung's desktop software for wirelessly transferring files. The contacts are synced on your Note 2 as one huge entry unless you specifically create a group that divides them.

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