When switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, it’s not only a change of brand but also a change of its entire operating system.
This makes the transfer of private data such as Contacts, Mail and Messages a tricky process as you need to convert the files to a format that the Android operating system can read… or you can use Google Contacts.
Today, we will guide you on how to transfer iPhone contacts to Android phone using Google Contacts. There are two ways to sync your contacts with Google Contacts, one with iTunes and the other with the iCloud. After that, click on Contacts and you will see all of your iPhone contacts which have been backed up in iCloud.
Press Ctrl + A to select all contacts, click on the Settings button on the bottom left, then select "Export vCard…". Once you’ve imported iPhone contacts to Google Contacts, you can get rid of duplicate contacts before restoring your contacts on your phone. Now that you have succesfully exported and merged duplicates of your iPhone contacts to Google Contacts, you can begin to restore it to your Android phone. One great thing about using Google Contacts to sync your contacts is that even if you lose your phone or switch to another smartphone, you will never lose your contacts. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. The use of iCloud to sync data from your iPhone to your computer is essential if you want your data to be effectively uploaded to your account.
Use of iCloud as your backup destination allows you to quickly and easily restore a backup anytime and anywhere you have to.
If you are one of those people who are asking: How do I backup my iPhone to iCloud?  Here is a step by step guide. Your iCloud backup storage service starts, and it automatically backs up your accounts, documents, settings and camera rolls whenever your iPhone is connected to the Internet.
Following these steps will start a backup process and send your iOS data to Apple’s iCloud Servers. After i back up my iphone to icloud, how will i be able to access all my backed up data after my phone is restored ??
I did what you said however it is saying: Not enough storage this iPhone cannot be backed up because there is not enough icould starage available. I am trying to backup my Icloud through my iphone and thru itunes and it is saying it cannot be completed?
My iphone refuses to connect to wifi even though I’m sitting next to my wifi computer??
So I got a new iPhone 5 last night and I wanted to transfer everything from my old 4 via the Cloud, so I started the backup process with my 4. Hi Sarah did you ever get this sorted out as i am having the same problem i left my new 5c connected to my laptop as it was updating the software 13hours it said then this morning i tried to get the back up off icloud onto my new phone and the message said that the back up was on old software and not able to tranfer to my new 5c!!
I returned my iphone today because it was faulty and got given a new one, I backed up all my stuff on iCloud and I can’t back up on my new iPhone!! I am having the same trouble with it saying never backed up even though my photo stream and icloud back up are turned on. Anyone know what happens if you take you’re phone out while it’s backing up via iCloud say away from wifi, will it pause and carry on when your back to wifi or will it cancel and have to restart the back up from scratch again?? Have iPhone 5s with only 60 mb of storage left on it, but still have 4.5gb of back up storage left on iCloud! It sounds like you still have a lot of content on your phone, which is why the backup is going to take so long.

By default, iPhone and other iOS devices cannot export a group of contacts, or complete contact list to one file, like VCF or CSV. Contacts, or contact lists on Apple devices are commonly synced through iCloud service, that also backups your photos, calendar, e-mails, bookmarks, phone settings etc. If you need your complete contact list, or group of contacts export to vCard file you can use iCloud Contacts web app.
You can select a group of contacts with cmd (MAC), or Ctrl (Windows) key and mouse click, or complete contact list with cmd, or Ctrl + A shortcut. Now you are able to import your contact lists in .vcf file to another devices, like Android and Windows phones, services, like Gmail, Live, software like Microsoft Outlook etc. If you got iPhone contacts synced with an Apple Mac computer, you can also export them with Mac OS X Contacts app. If you need to import contacts from iCloud to Microsoft Outlook, install the iCloud Control Panel for Windows and use Mail, Contacts, Calendars sync option.
Duplicate contacts are not that much of an issue if you own an iPhone for the first time and you enter your contacts one by one. This is also a very known problem among those who store their contacts in online services such as Google, Exchange or such. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons for duplicate contacts on your iPhone and how to solve it.
Note: If you try to erase one of the duplicates in this scenario, you might end up losing both in some cases. If you are syncing calendar and contact data with Exchange besides using iCloud, know that iCloud doesn’t sync or change your Exchange data.
A few days ago, Ashish wrote a great post on merging duplicate contacts on Android where he covers duplicate contact issues in Gmail. Once you download it, the app will scan all your contacts on your iPhone (hit the Refresh button at the bottom left if it doesn’t) and will show you how many duplicates you have. Then you can choose to either merge them in batch or you can also go into each of them to find out more about the duplicate and then merge it or delete it.
Note: The app also offers some additional services (like the ability for you to choose which contacts to merge) as in-app purchases. Contacts Duster is no longer free – upsells you to a paid version when you download it. You will first have to sync your contacts from your iPhone to Google contacts, then restore it to your new Android phone. Choose your exported vCard… file and click Import to import all iPhone contacts to Google Contacts. When communications to the Google Servers are complete, you will arrive at a page to a page where you’re given options on what you want to sync into your phone.
To verify that you have successfully transferred all of your contacts into your phone, check your contacts book. You can choose to merge them in your new phone or go back to doing it the faster way on Google Contacts.
This process allows you to create a backup file that you can access anytime and anywhere as long as there is a computer unit or a mobile gadget with Internet access. With this feature, you can easily access your data such as calendar events, contacts and images wherever you are. This eliminates the need to wait until you can connect your iPhone to iTunes if you want to perform restoration from backup. This is an essential process in case you need to make significant changes or try out new software on your iPhone and you are not sure with how the changes will affect your iOS device.

That was 8 hours ago, and my phone is now saying that there are still 17 hours remaining until the backup is complete. I have plenty of storage with ICloud, have managed 1 backup on Aug 13 which the phone informs me was successful, but have not been able to backup since! You should at least have come up with a way to pause the back up process so that customers can be away from wifi and continue the back up later.
All I want is my pictures and messages back but I once said I backed it up and nothing happened . Data on iCloud can be also managed through web browser in applications similar to iOS and OS X versions (Mail, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Reminders etc.). If they are, then the issue might be iCloud itself, and you should contact Apple for help directly. So for both to work together, the best thing you can do is to use iCloud only for certain contacts (like friends and family for example) and Exchange for the rest. If you do so and you have duplicate contact data on your iPhone, try syncing with a USB cable once and then going back to syncing via Wi-Fi. If you are syncing your contacts with Gmail, take a look at that post, since its Gmail section applies here as well if your Google contacts are the problem. If you do, I recommend using Contacts Duster, a free, ad-supported app that is quite effective and easy to use. With these methods, there are no use of additional apps, and you don’t require any format change when you transfer via Google Contacts.
Under the option for back UP Now, you will find the last time your iPhone backup was successfully completed. I have done everything properly and have things turned on right and did the step by step what they told me, but when i go into my icloud account it doesn’t tell me what I have backed up.
Unfortunately, my phone is not able to back up to iCloud after I last did before changing countries. On manual back up, the process never gets completed, in fact it just starts and does not even give a feedback of how much time it will take. Same WIFI, same environment, same everything but the little blue dot won’t budge or it says 21 hours left to backup. Really disappointed in your software, business practices and hardware, and plan on writing a formal letter of complaint in length, detailing my disappointment. If you had any duplicate contacts on your iPhone in the past, let us know what you did to get rid of them. I need to do a factory reboot on my iPhone 4 because the front facing camera has never worked. Is there someone that can tell me step by step on how to backup to icloud and where to go to look into my icloud account. Having more storage on the iCloud doesn’t do me any good if I can’t download anything on the phone to PUT IN THE ICLOUD!!!! I have downloaded the icloud thing for my computer but it doesn’t tell me what i have in storage. Can someone explain to me what icloud does, what it is used for and where i can go to look in my account please.
Seriously, am I going to have to download the app on my windows Internet Explorer pc, AND my SAFARI browser on my iphone 4 ???

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