Want to cope your Android contacts to computer, for fear that Android phone might be broken or stolen?
To get started, download, install and run this Android Data Transfer program on your PC. If you save all your contacts to Gmail account, please log in to your Gmail account to backup your contacts to PC.
Or, you can directly sync contacts to your Android phone as long as you have save them on your Gmail, Facebook, and account like that. What is iCloud For Apps and Books: Apps and books that you purchase appear on your iOS devices automatically.
What is iCloud For Photo Stream: Photos you take on an iOS device and photos you import to your Mac or Windows computer from a digital camera automatically appear on your other devices, including your Apple TV. What is iCloud For Documents: If you have apps that support Documents in the Cloud on more than one device, iCloud automatically keeps your documents up to date across your devices. What is iCloud For Back to My Mac: Using Back to My Mac, you can securely connect to your remote Mac from another Mac over the Internet, and access files or control its screen. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. Various configurations of one and the same phrase persistently appear in online discussions and this raises a few eyebrows. Jailbreak is known for the vast opportunities it provides to iPhone users to modify and tweak their iOS devices.
Few know about this trick which can recover at least some of the iPhone contacts – the ones with whom you kept in touch more often. From the next screen you see the number of the person you previously contacted and can create a new contact entry based on this number. Use the above method to recover the names and phone numbers of the people you recently contacted.
To do so, navigate to Settings > Facebook (or Twitter) and log in using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.
The iPhone address book is gone for good and you cannot salvage enough iPhone contacts via the means above? Once the iPhone appears in iTunes, right click on it from the left-hand side pane and select “Restore from Backup…”.

Finally, iCloud-based backup is not everyone’s cup of tea as some folks are not ready to upload personal iPhone data to an online server.
CopyTrans Contacts is a PC tool which allows a meaningful backup of individual or multiple iPhone contacts to the computer.
Contacts backed up with CopyTrans Contacts are housed offline on the PC, are not loaded in third-party online servers and are, therefore, kept away from prying eyes. My Contacts Backup is a popular iPhone app which operates in a similar way to ExcelContacts. PhoneCopy – this app provides a different approach to backing up iPhone contacts, as it syncs them to an online server. The advantage of the above iPhone apps is that the lite versions are sufficient in most cases for iPhone contacts backup. A notable disadvantage, however, is the lack of clarity over how private the backed-up iPhone contacts remain and whether the contact files (sent to your email) are not hosted in any other way at third-party servers. The verdict: Saving yourself the headache of disappearing iPhone contacts comes with preventive actions. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market.
Hi Jason, in this situation it would be wise to keep an offline backup of your iPhone contacts.
My main account on the phone is on Gmail, and some (but not all!) of its contacts were missing. However, unlike pictures, songs and movies, you can't transfer Android contacts to your PC by opening the disk folder and add these files to it. With Shared Photo Streams, you can easily choose which photos you want to share and who you want to share them with. Here are the ways in which to prepare, prevent and ultimately tackle the problem with missing iPhone contacts. Although not a direct cause, having your iPhone Jailbroken could lead to situations in which iPhone contacts are lost. It goes without saying that while some tweaks are fun and useful, others could bring unexpected results to the iPhone and its data. Resetting (cold starting), as opposed to restarting the iPhone, should be practiced as a last resort only when the iPhone is frozen or unresponsive.

For better or for worse, sometimes the cause of iPhone’s sudden address book disappearance is not known.
To do so on the iPhone, navigate to Settings > iCloud and toggle the Contacts switch from ON to OFF and then back to ON. If you previously sent a message to the person you have in mind, the name will appear as a drop-down suggestion. Auto-suggestion records are separate from the iPhone contacts database and should still be available even if the contacts are long gone. The advantage of saving iPhone address book with CopyTrans Contacts is that you can access the backed up contacts at any time on the PC. The app in turn sends the Excel file containing the iPhone contacts to your email address so you can download the address-book file to the PC. This app offers more flexibility giving you a choice between CSV and vCard when exporting iPhone contacts.
Backing up one’s iPhone contacts and other personal data is an important matter which should be taken seriously. He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. You know, the phone that’s a year behind SamSung, and about to be recalled like a junk-ass Chevrolet?
You can start creating a Pages document on your iPhone, and put the finishing touches on it from your iPad.
If you are on a Jailbroken phone, it is wise to keep a safe backup of the iPhone contacts via CopyTrans Contacts.
Recuperating the contacts on the PC happens, again, via sending the CSV or vCard file via email. We hope to have also provided some useful tips on how to try and salvage a lost iPhone address book.
With all hope lost I decided to finally respond to a text I was putting off because of this problem, then all of a sudden all my contacts reappeared.

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