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Abstract—This paper presents a E-health monitoring scheme based on HNB (home node base station) and mobile cloud computing.
History of radio – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The early history of radio is the history of technology that produced radio instruments that use radio waves. Television frequencies plus catv, radio, and satellite, Television frequencies, cable tv frequencies, catv, satellite frequencies, radio frequencies. Radio-locator, A search engine of all of the radio stations in the world with websites, searchable by location and call sign.. Radioinfo – the music radio trade publication, The music radio trade publication jeremy sinon named corporate digital director for hubbard broadcasting.
IBM has acquired a cognitive computing company that will bolster the development of IBM Watson, the firm’s deep learning artificial intelligence supercomputer. The buy up of Denver-based AlchemyAPI, which delivers scalable cognitive computing APIs, sees IBM take on board a pool of more than 40,000 developers across the globe that have worked on the AlchemyAPI platform to build cognitive-infused applications. IBM said that the technology is expected to enhance Watson’s ability to “ingest, train and learn the ‘long-tail’ of various data domains”, as well as help the platform target specific industries. Watson gained prominence in 2011 when it won the US quiz show Jeopardy against two human competitors.
Currently, Watson is being focused on the health industry, with cognitive learning features being researched which could eventually help doctors across the world diagnose patients and find the correct clinical trials for individual subjects. Most recently, IBM Watson teamed up with Japanese telco SoftBank to train the supercomputer  to speak Japanese.
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Denver, AlchemyAPI’s deep learning platform enables clients, partners, developers and other third-parties to build cognitive-infused applications with data analysis capabilities such as taxonomy categorisation, entity and keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and web page cleaning.

AlchemyAPI said its software platform processes billions of API calls per month across 36 countries and in eight different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. In January 2014, IBM launched the dedicated IBM Watson unit, a business dedicated to developing and commercialising the cloud-delivered cognitive computing technology.
IBM CEO Gina Rometty said that Watson will make $10 billion in annual revenue within 10 years, however, it seems IBM is far behind this projection.
IBM has so far struggled to monetise Watson, but it hoping that by tapping in to a large developer base as well as continuing research into the health industry, as well as others, revenue should start to increase.
Ben covers web and technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft and their impact on the cloud computing industry, whilst also writing about data centre players and their increasing importance in Europe. He also covers future technologies such as drones, aerospace, science, and the effect of technology on the environment.
In terms of the sheer number of topics both have to understand, being a CEO is a lot like being Secretary of State.
As more and more enterprises adopt a ?cloud-like? infrastructure, a shift in work culture and practices -- known as DevOps -- is also occurring.
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During the game, Watson had access to 200 million pages of content, as well as the full contents of Wikipedia, all without being connected to the Internet. Japan, will be able to market the offering in the education, banking, healthcare, and retail industries in Japan. The move signified a strategic shift by IBM to turnaround its falling revenues and deliver a new class of software, services and apps that think, improve by learning, and discover insights from massive amounts of Big Data.
IBM said that before AlchemyAPI’s acquisition, it had made more than 7,000 apps for Watson.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it globalizes the workforce at low expenses.
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IBM invested $1 billion into the Watson unit, focusing on development and research, and bringing cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services to market.
The official purchase will see IBM able to broaden its development community and entice customers with apps made by third-party companies. People across the globe can have access the data, programs and applications, provided they are equipped with access to internet. This included $100 million available for venture investments that support IBM’s ecosystem of start-ups and businesses building cognitive apps powered by Watson. Some other advantages of cloud computing include reduction of exspenditure on technology infrastructure, streamlining processes, minimization of licensing new software, increased flexibility, reduction of personnel training burden, cost effective and almost unlimited storage. Along with other verticals, healthcare is also witnessing a rapid adoption of cloud computing technology for delivering improved services in a cost competitive manner. In healthcare research and development, cloud computing reduces cost associated with bringing a new drug into the market by improving inter-operability. Storing massive data associated with next generation sequencing is difficult for local storage to take up which can be easily resolved by cloud computing. The globalization of major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies is also expected to play a key role in driving the market growth globally as they establish R&D facilities at various locations across the globe. Drug companies house and maintain a large number of central processing unit (CPUs) that are run continuously during the drug discovery processes of research and development.

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