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The advent of cloud computing essentially allows companies to move significant upfront infrastructure expenses to lower-cost recurring operational expenses. Cloud servicing offloads the responsibility of purchasing, maintaining and upgrading your technology.
One caveat is that cloud computing requires that you put your business information in the hands of a third-party, so make sure that you trust your vendor. The company’s balance sheet is another great beneficiary of cloud computing services.
Another advantage is that the (typically) monthly outlay for cloud services is predictable and you can easily project computing costs as your business grows. Storage capacity works in much the same way, you only need to pay for what you use and as requirements grow, increasing storage capacity is as simple as upgrading a service plan with your cloud provider. Another advantage of cloud computing is the ability to run Big Data analytics on top of your existing data processes. Companies for which Big Data is not a core competency can receive immense benefit from Big Data as a service. Cloud services eliminate the need for large, specialized teams to manage computing infrastructure and processes. Business that are in startup mode or are adding new features or technology offerings can see significant benefit from cloud services. In addition, cloud deployments alleviate the need for upfront capital to invest in infrastructure, reducing the risk to launch startups or develop new technology offerings.
The industry is seeing backlash from the glut of proprietary, or closed, platforms that proliferated as startups tried to ensure their footing within the market. Many cloud providers are moving to open standards in order to offset the investment horizon within which companies are operating. Cloud computing also enables remote access, so IT personnel are spared the headache of configuring portal access for specific needs. The flexibility of cloud infrastructure also allows for easy layering of reporting capabilities on top of database processing. Surveys have shown that the majority of cloud customers remain dissatisfied with support services offered by cloud vendors.
If you have questions about what a cloud deployment would look like for your business, we would love to discuss the options with you.
As these past few days the weather has been rather inclement, with a pale sun shyly peeping out of the clouds’ layers for just the blink of an eye before being engulfed once again in a leaden grey, I have barely moved from my on campus accomodation. So, I happen to spend most of the time in the Reading Room, where some of my Singaporean friends are busy studying for their upcoming exams.
I don’t exactly recall how we came up with it, but before we knew it we were practicing ‘fingerspelling’.

About this websiteThis website gives you information about the joint mobility project "Border Crossings: People and Places", but also functions as the participating students' blog, where they reflect upon their experiences. We’re building tomorrow’s workforce in southwestern Pennsylvania through early childhood development, employment and training, education, and business services. Our Early Childhood Development division serves infants, toddlers, and expectant families through Head Start, Early Head Start, and PA Pre-K Counts programs in Fayette County. Our Education and Workforce Development divisions serve individuals of all ages with youth, literacy, employment, procurement, and job training programs. In all we do, we empower, educate, and encourage individuals and families to meet their potential. Remake Learning is a professional network of educators and innovators working together to shape the future of teaching and learning in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. A group of young girls huddle around a sheet of paper speckled with a dark set of fingerprints.  Magnifying glasses in hand, they study the shapes and patterns of a clue.
Conceived in 2005 by the University of Pittsburgh’s Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC) in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon School of Design, Click! In 2010, a Digital Media and Learning grant from the MacArthur Foundation allowed GMSP to translate the immersive Click! GMSP and Carnegie Science Center aim to break down the barriers of education: income, race, socioeconomic status, and geography. So, the next time you encounter a middle-school girl, see her as a leader, a scientist, a visionary. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As I have finished all my assignments, I try to lend them a hand with memorising the tons of information they have to cram in.
We seek to help families and individuals overcome barriers—and to accomplish this, we administer over two dozen programs related to early childhood development, education, and workforce development. Afterschool and summer youth programs bring exciting learning opportunities to kids who face social and economic disadvantages.
Representing more than 250 organizations, including early learning centers & schools, museums & libraries, afterschool programs & community nonprofits, colleges & universities, ed-tech startups & major employers, philanthropies & civic leaders, Remake Learning is collaborative effort to inspire and empower a generation of lifelong learners in Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and beyond.
Spy School engages middle school girls ages 10–14 to become “agents-in-training” as they explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Across the room, another group uses iPhones to scan QR codes, receiving messages from senior agents at an off-site satellite base.  No, these girls are not being enlisted by the FBI to crack an international case…at least not yet, anyway. Spy School focuses on three distinct areas of STEM—biomedical science, environmental protection, and expressive technology. A network of local and national female STEM professionals from esteemed companies and universities that regularly contribute to the Click! But, recent studies show that girls are not as likely to see themselves as STEM professionals as their male counterparts.

Department of Labor says 7 of the 10 projected fastest growing occupations are in STEM fields. Because she just may be a secret agent, on a mission to change the world one covert assignment at a time.
As a child I would find hands motions, fingerspelling and suchlike both mysterious and funny.
ASL is completely different from the British Sign Language (BSL) and is instead related to the French Sign Language (FSL). We reach out to parents and early childhood development professionals across the nation with our Social-Emotional Early Developmental Success (SEEDS) program, which explores ways to promote healthy social-emotional development in kids ages 0-8.
These programs place a particular emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), encouraging kids to explore the world and discover new interests. Through summer camps, after school programs, condensed activity sessions, and online experiences, Click!
In 2006, the Girls, Math & Science Partnership found a home at Carnegie Science Center. STEM professionals are expected to earn 26% more over their lifetime than those who work in non-STEM careers. Spy School, an initiative of the Girls, Math & Science Program (GMSP), based at Carnegie Science Center. Spy School was created, complete with female senior agents who mentor and communicate to “agents-in-training,” a chat function, and individual profiles. All programs are aimed at giving girls confidence in their ability to understand real-life applications of STEM, interpret information, collect and analyze data, construct explanations, design solutions, and obtain and communicate information. While women still face obstacles in the workplace, arming young girls with the tools they need to succeed in male-dominated professions is one of the main objectives of the Girls, Math & Science Partnership.
Satellite base camps are popping up all over the world, and “agents-in-training” are everywhere.
Now, I finally have the time to do so           (a tiny, silent little ‘thank you’ to the bad weather) and, a true bonus, likeminded friends to do it with and I’m truly enjoying myself. The online Spy School begins with solving an environmental crisis in Africa using digital “mini-games.” Using accessible and cost-effective online technology, the virtual Spy Camp removes the geographical barriers and allows girls from all walks of life to participate.
The Spy School provides critical informal science learning opportunities outside of the classroom, with a strong commitment to helping girls see themselves as future STEM professionals.

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