With the increase of more technology-driven applications like social media giant Facebook and Twitter, you would have been forgiven if you think that email marketing is beginning to lose its popularity as a marketing media. On the contrary, email marketing is still considered as one of the most important marketing tool especially for small and medium sized businesses.
You have to admit that not many people would start purchasing your products or services on their first visit to your website.
The challenge here is that how do you compete to stay in these potential customers’ radar? Secondly, some recipients have slow connections (yes, slow connections still exist) and since HTML takes time to load, these recipients may just not have the patience and subsequently delete it.
And lastly, HTML messages have a higher chance of being listed as spam and hence, undelivered. With AWeber, you get to attract more subscribers with their awesome signup forms (aka opt-in forms). When you have hundreds or thousands of subscribers, you will appreciate the help you get from AWeber in managing them. AWeber helps you track your subscribers’ activities and highlight these in an easily understandable chart.
Now, email marketing should not be limited to just sending promotional emails and newsletters to your subscribers. Current promotion of $1 for the first month trial allows you to test out their full-featured email marketing service for one whole month at only $1. AWeber also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that you get a full refund should you decide to cancel your account within 30 days!

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable email marketing tool, you can seriously consider AWeber.
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There are single and multiple-column designs and you get to choose the color scheme so that it matches your products or to create a certain mood. Again, you get lots of customizable templates with multiple color schemes to create a signup form that’s uniquely yours. Fields like Name, Email, Drop Down Menus, Check Boxes, Images & Background Images, Text Areas and Subscriber Counter are some of the fields that you need to build a professional signup form. This tool helps your emails reach your email list with very minimal of them being blocked by spam filters. Through this chart, you will be able to see who opened the messages, which links were clicked, how many unsubscribed and even how much revenue was generated by each message! You should make use of AWeber’s tracking information (as mentioned above) to help you categorized your subscribers in order for you to tailor your subsequent marketing campaigns. I would say that this opt-in email marketing software’s pricing strategy is pretty competitive considering the amount of features that you get. Should you choose to pay in advance, that’ll be a discounted $49 per quarter and $194 per annum. It provides an effortless and cost effective way to send information to your existing and potential customers, without sounding too pushy.

Firstly, some users prefer either one of these formats so having an option makes it user-friendly.
You can either paste in an existing template or you can build one using AWeber’s new drag and drop builder.
To make it more awesome, you can even animate or create a 3-D effect with your signup form!
They authenticate your email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys and help check your emails for spam like content so that your emails are not marked as spam. This newsletter tool can group the subscribers into groups based on activities, for example who opened (or didn’t open) a message, what was bought and how much was spent.
With customer the likes of Readers’ Digest and Home Studio Corner among their over 115,000 clients, you know that you will get a complete solution for your email marketing campaigns.
My point here is that people generally prefer to get to know more about your products or services before they decide that they want to purchase from you. And it can also group them based on information provided during signup, eg gender and product type preference.

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