September 26, 2011 by Tony Leave a Comment How to set up a b2b local PPC Campaign in 9 short steps. One very proficient, but costly way to gather new traffic to your website is to utilize a Pay Per Click ad campaign. Your ads should call people to action while simultaneously describing your product or services in an honest and accurate manner.
Once you have reached this point you can copy your keywords and paste them into the keyword tool on AdWords and produce possible alternatives which you can use.
Pay Per Click Advertising, otherwise known as PPC is a way to generate exposure for your product, site or service above organic search results in Google through means of a bid per keyword auction system. PPC enables you to surpass the most well prepared organic SEO content out there without years of cultivating and content production which costs a great deal of money to achieve. PPC isn’t really something you want to dump money into without a clearly defined goal and a way to track and capitalize on your campaign efforts. In order to truly know how well your campaign efforts are working you’ll need to know if you are converting the traffic your buying through leads, sales, etc.
A conversion doesn’t have to be a sale, but an action performed that stands to generate income for you at some point.
Your first couple weeks of establishing your PPC campaign will be running split tests and monitoring the performance of keywords.
Now you understand the basics of PPC Advertising so now we are going to start walking you through setting up your first campaign. Once on the campaign screen, since this will likely be your first campaign you will see this screen. Below, you will see several screenshots which are the screens you will see as you scroll down. Here is where you can target your ads to appear only for people in specific market locations. Site links could be used to link people to specific markets within your MLS, so this could be helpful. Location is important if you’re a brick and mortar shop of some kind looking to drive foot traffic. Ok, so scrolling down a bit further you will see the place to enter the Keywords you want to target. The screenshot below shows you a breakdown of the example keywords I just plugged into the Keyword Box above. Now, when we add all of these keywords to our campaign, you can set your max per click budget. This screen is telling me that my current Default bid is too low to even get on the first page of results with my ad for some of those keywords.
Go ahead and increase your bids for your keywords to where you can at least get first page placement.
The rest of the columns are pretty self explanatory, but what you want to do now is look through and see which keywords are costing you money but not leading to conversions. This is where you clean up your campaign to get rid of the keywords that aren’t performing and you are lowering your bid on the keywords that ARE performing. I would love your feedback on anything I may have left out or questions you might have to leave a comment and let me know how I can further help you. Tinypass offers an extremely reasonable per transaction pricing model with no setup or monthly fees. Click on Edit business and enter your business name, website URL, and a description of what you're selling.
Applause: Viewers will be able to watch your broadcasts but will be prompted for a donation.
Update: We are currently working on implementing a time-restricted free preview PPV model which works in conjunction with Tinypass' paywall service. If you'd like to give viewers free access to watch your broadcasts and ask for a donation, click on Tinypass Applause.
Next, you will see an option that allows you to set your paywall type to Previews or No Previews. Also you'll find an option to whitelist any URL's that should not be restricted by the paywall. Curtain: The curtain is the lightbox which appears on protected pages asking users to subscribe.
Once you're done setting up your paywall, save the changes and be sure to write down the ID assigned to this paywall (displayed on the left hand side of the page).
TIP: You can save your Paywall ID in your OnyxServers Settings page to avoid having to type it in every time a new broadcast is created. To whitelist your domain or domains, log in to your OnyxServers account and go to your Security page. By the end of this blog post, you should have a perfectly built Google Adwords campaign, ready to set live.
Important point – The more closely related your keywords are within an Ad Group, the better your Ad Copy will be at solving the searchers query. For example, if our florist is based in Covent Garden, we can set up a radius as narrow as 1 mile around. If you want to exclusively target by the interest in a location someone has shown, select the option People searching for, or who show interest in my targeted location.
For your first Adwords campaign, it’s a good idea to select the standard delivery method. Ad Scheduling – This gives you the option to control what days and times your ads are shown.
Naming your Ad Group – Just like the campaign name, we want a logical, easy-to-understand Ad Group name format. Create your first Text Ad – You have 25 characters for the headline, 35 for description line 1, 35 for description line 2, and 35 for your Display URL. Here we have an ad loaded with benefits, geographically relevant, and finished with a strong call-to-action.
You can either adjust the Ad Group bid to ensure it’s high enough for all keywords in the campaign, or you can set the bids for each keyword individually.

Creating multiple Ad Groups – Now that you have your first Ad Group ready to go, simply repeat the process. Location – This gives you the option to add the address of your business or store to the ad. Callout – A relatively new extension, callouts enable you to show snippets of text under your ad.
Good job – you made it to the end of this guide how to set up a Google Adwords campaign, and hopefully you have a well built campaign. Alternatively, if I lost you somewhere inbetween keyword themes and ad extensions, you’re not the first person to get bogged down by the complexity of options!
Welcome to Pay Per Click JournalIf you want to learn how to perfect your PPC campaigns, you're in the right place. When you take on more clients you may feel the need to cultivate a Business to Business (B2B) local Pay Per Click(PPC) Ad campaign. If you are selling products on your site then you should create a campaign for each feature. You should ensure that you stay within your budget first and foremost and only work with what you can.
Google no longer shows its negative keyword builder but that does not mean you should not do it.
Money is on the line and it’s a very competitive arena where lots of people are trying to capitalize on the same keywords for the lowest price possible.
Organic ranking being websites that appear in Google due to their metrics meeting Googles requirements for content, relevancy, social signals, bounce rate and a slew of other things Google looks for to determine how high something should appear in Google’s results for a particular keyword.
If you get more traffic, you pay more money in nearly direct proportion to that traffic – your cost per click stays constant, and your overall cost increases. This means having a solid lead capture system in place on the page you are directing your traffic. This is where you run two different ads for the same keyword for a period of time and then go over which ad performs best before deleting the least performing ad and scaling up the other. Your goal here is to find out which ads work the best and which are performing and which aren’t. You will need to setup your Conversion Tracker code once you setup the campaign to get the most out of this tutorial. If you’re a Cincinnati, OH agent, you might select Cincinnati, OH within a radius of 25 miles in the Advanced Search link.
For a Realtor, having your phone number appear under your ad could generate some phone calls, but the flip side to this is you will likely want people to come to your site and use your site to find real estate, and enter their information into your lead capture etc. I am hoping you used my Keyword Research Guide to establish the keywords you want to use and you should know roughly what the Cost Per Click suggestion is for each and how much traffic to expect per month.
I have 1 keyword that is almost $3 per click, three that are under $1.00 and 1 for about a buck fifty. Tinypass handles all technical and logistical aspects of content restriction, user management, and payment processing. This means you are not required to embed any code from Tinypass into your pages in order to use their service. You can create your paywall right away after signing up, however after the first 3 transactions, you must submit your application for review. You can setup a fixed time membership with the minimum being one day or you can define it as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.
Your OnyxServers broadcast embed code includes all the necessary code to make it work with Tinypass. Make sure that you only set this option for user groups that can be trusted as setting the Filter Type to No Filtering will essentially allow the user to include any html in an article. If the video player still doesn't look right, change the default editor to Editor - None (Site a†’ Global Configuration a†’ Site a†’ Default editor). Otherwise anyone who has access to watch your broadcasts can hijack and stream them publicly on their website by simply copying the embed code. When users attempt to watch a protected broadcast they'll be presented with a paywall curtain which looks like the one in the screenshot below.
I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, explaining each part as simply as possible. The Adwords Keyword Planner is pretty robust, but my favourite keyword tool is
Based on the 10 themes above (in blue and green) you can create 10 different Ad Groups with tightly themed keywords inside. If you only want to reach people in your target area only, select people in my target location. Google has some handy automatic bidding options for your first Adwords campaign like Maximise clicks, or Target search page location. However I always recommend manual bidding to start with. If your budget isn’t high enough to catch all the impressions, at least your ad will be displayed evenly. For local businesses, or those with a small budget, you may wish to tailor this to your opening times. Your ads will each receive an equal number of impressions, so you can judge which one performs best for your business. It’s particularly useful on mobile as the searcher can call directly from clicking the number. If you need some help, or simply want a professional to build it for you, feel free to contact me. Whether it's getting more conversions, improving your conversion rate, or outsmarting your competition - this blog will help you. In order to do this you will need to familiarize yourself with Google AdWords and AdGroups.
This means that if your company sells software products, you need to make sure that you have a campaign for photo editing software, image editing software, etc…Each campaign should have generic ad groups and ad groups for features which relate to the keyword. There are pros and cons to each so no matter which one you select, you should compile the list of keywords and key phrases which directly relate to your business. The ad should reflect upon your services and products in a manner that offers a positive review which integrates your keywords.

Organic ranking takes time, effort and commitment and for those of us who have more money than time to launch a new product or service, we look to PPC. PPC is setup as an auction, but Google also cares about how well your ads are recieved by consumers and as such, rewards you with higher position the more active your ad is. Other more aggressive types may have gone into a bidding war over a keyword thinking they HAD to be #1 which is never a good thing. Bid enough or work the campaign properly for lower bid costs but higher placement and potential customers will see you first. With a properly setup PPC campaign you can track the actions of your traffic so you know which keywords are converting. You want to your ads to draw clicks and the better the ad, the more clicks, the more clicks the lower the cost and ultimately the lower your cost per conversion.
This will tell you which ads to get rid of as well as which keywords aren’t producing results.
Let me ask you, if I were a car sales and and you were on a budget, would you hand me your credit card, pick a car and ask me to price it for you and just run your card for whatever I thought was best? CPC Column and go down to the $3.00 across from Cincinnati Real Estate Keyword, I can click that and change my bid specifically for that keyword.
You’re going to let your ads run for a week and then come back and we are going to rework your campaign based on your Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate etc. In addition Tinypass' solution works on all major platforms including iOS and Android mobile devices. The embed code generated by our platform automatically enables Tinypass support and the necessary code is added to make Tinypass' technology work for live broadcasting purposes. During the review process Tinypass will check to ensure that youa€™re a legitimate business. You will have the option to set your mobile bid to -100% a bit later which essentially turns mobile off.
Or, by clicking the Advanced search link, a pop-up will appear with the option for radius targeting. This tells you the number of impressions you received, over the number of impressions that you were eligible to receive.
This just makes sure that if you’re not actively testing the ads, Google will step in after 3 months to help optimise. But for now, ask yourself  (or better yet, work out) how much you can afford to pay per click. This means the bid isn’t high enough for your ad to show on the first page of Google.
You can run search query reports through AdWords in order to determine negative keywords as well.
This tutorial will teach you what PPC Advertising is and how I setup and manage PPC campaigns to get the biggest bang for my buck without blowing tons of cash.
So break it down a little bit, if you bid $2 per click and someone else bids $2.50 per click and both of your ads appear before 1,000 people and your ad gets more click throughs than theirs, you will be rewarded a better position without having to beat their bid.
This helps you weed out the non converting keywords so that you can decrease your overall cost per lead.
Are you looking for home buyers for your real estate website and maybe every $100 in PPC ads you get a new buyer and potentially a %500 to %2,000 return? You want the lowest cost per conversion ratio you can get so you want to get rid of the trash and scale up on the top producing keywords. If you aren’t sure how, post a comment here and I will make an addition to this tutorial later if there is enough demand.
You could do Search and Display if you have banner ads ready to go but we will keep this focused on just Search Ads for now.
My opinion is, adding a phone number to your add can be a distraction and while it may get you a couple calls, it could push lots of others away entirely. It says my ad is rarely shown but as you can see, it’s shown plenty and in the 2nd position. If you follow this guide, you will be well on your way to Pay Per Click success, nomatter your industry.
Or how about the inability to run a fair test, as the best ad gets served more than the others?
It’s a nice feature, but to succeed on Adwords, ad testing and optimisation is a key part.
Once you are familiar with these tools and know how to use them properly, you can begin the process of setting up your local PPC campaign. Are you selling a new product that grants you $50 in profit per sale and your conversion cost is around $25? Ultimately, choose a figure you’re comfortable with and remember, you can always adjust it. You missed out on 15% of searches, either because you didn’t have enough budget, or your ad rank was too low in the Adwords auction. Because I’m the best judge of which ads are performing best for my business, not Google! This is where this guide will start to get very handy for you before in a minute or two we are going to teach you what makes reading this whole guide worth it. Your budget will depend on the keywords you are targeting as some keywords only suggest .20 cents a click where some can demand up to $60 per click. You just have to figure out what your costs are against your profit and then scale accordingly to figure out if PPC is worth it. Everyone thinks you do but what you’ll get are all of the happy clickers punching in keywords full of curiosity to see what comes up. So using my guide on Keyword Research you should have your list of keywords as well as their suggested PPC bid prices.

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