Not sure why this failed, but I have followed everything as per the instructions but the output of step 8 is as follows. I had the same problem as Jamie + Palen because i did not pay enough attention to what happened in the previous steps. OwnCloud is suite of application client-server for creating hosting services, it is allow you to create your own cloud storage and allow you to share your data, contacts, calendar with other users and devices. In this tutorial, I will guide you a step by step to install owncloud 8, and we use Nginx(engine-X) as web server, php-fpm and mariaDB as the database system on FreeBSD 10.2. In the previous tutorial, we had discussed about the installation FEMP (Nginx, MariaDB and PHP-FPM), but in this tutorial we will discuss briefly. Change the default listen to the unix socket and set the permission for it, and then configure php-fpm to running under user "www".
Now create new directory "data" in the owncloud directory, and change the ownership of the file and directory to the "www" user that running nginx.

OwnCloud an open-source project that makes it easy for users to store and exchange data on cloud computing.
Guys you need to redo the steps and pay close attention, type in a password where you have to (or certs wont generate etc), supply the same information in the ca-signing-request as you have previously did when you generated the CA or it wont work.
I can access owncloud using the same dynamic address as long as I use http as opposed to https.
The official owncloud manual did not mention anything about this ssl setup and their clients only talks to ssl server. OwnCloud is open source project that provides an easy way for you to sync and share your data that is hosted in your data center.
Then fill the database configuration, and fill it with a database that has been configured in the previous step.
We can install ownCloud on our servers, so that we ourselves can organize the data that has been stored on our server easily and safely.

I got to the last step (admin account creation & database info) until I noticed there was never any password set for myownclouduser in MariaDB.
I’m a no expert on web server technologies, only a regular user, so I need a guide like this. This is a good solution for the convenience and security of data (Because the data is in our own) for its users.
I can see you have some password in your screenshot, but it seems you missed the password creation step in step 4 of the guide.

Owncloud webdav windows 7 ssl
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