Suddenly finding yourself responsible for their offspring, however, can be a bit of a shock.
As soon as you notice the belly of one of your fish beginning to swell, it's time to start making plans.
It is possible to raise baby fish in your main tank, but generally, few will survive this.
The easiest way to care for baby fish is to set up a separate aquarium in which they can spend their first few months of life. Baby fish naturally seek out hiding places and will be stressed without them even in an environment where they are not under threat. Many tropical fish hatch with yolk sacks still attached - round bulges underneath their bodies - and will digest these during their first few days of life, as they learn to find other food. Because they are so small they should be fed at least four times a day, at regular intervals. Not every local fish shop sells fry food, so you may need to order it in (it's worth keeping some around at other times, too, because it can be good for convalescent adult fish).
Where humans invest a lot of energy in producing a small number of offspring and working hard to ensure they survive, most species of fish apply a different strategy, having lots of offspring with a relatively low survival rate. The rate of serious mutation in baby fish is far higher than in baby mammals (which don't usually make it to term if they have serious problems). With enough care and attention, you should be able to raise some of your baby fish to adulthood. A well-equipped toolbox is essential for completing jobs around the home — everything from hanging a picture frame to putting together furniture or doing major renovations. Finally, remember to put your tools back in the same place, whether you store them in a simple drawer, an actual toolbox, or a full-fledged workshop. For good measure, add in a quality multi-tool or a couple of screwdrivers and you’ve got a minimalist toolkit that can handle a surprising number of fixes.
Screwdriver set: From prying the lids off of paint cans to opening child-proof battery compartments, screwdrivers are must-have tools. Utility Knife: For opening boxes, sharpening pencils, and more, the utility knife is a toolbox workhorse.
Electric Drill: Although you can go without a drill for a while or resort to borrowing one when needed, sooner or later, most handypeople find a drill indispensable. Level up with upgraded versions of the above tools, plus some inexpensive specialty tools for tackling more types of projects.
Ratcheting screwdriver: This type of screwdriver locks into place when you turn it clockwise and loosens when you turn counter-clockwise, which lessens the stress on your wrist. Set of pliers: Beyond the adjustable pliers, other pliers to pick up include needle-nose and wire-cutting (or diagonal) pliers, for more exacting gripping work (like fixing jewelry) or, well, cutting wire.
Socket set: For large projects where you have to tighten or loosen many nuts and bolts, a socket spanner set with a ratcheting handle is the way to go. Allen keys: Allen keys are L-shaped tools used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets in the head. Putty knife: The putty knife, naturally, is for spreading putty (to patch holes in walls, for instance). Crosscut Saw: The jack-of-all-trades saw (what most people imagine first when thinking of the classic saw shape), the crosscut saw is perfect for small jobs like cutting 2x4s and for cutting across wood grain. Serious enthusiasts who do many projects around the house will want to invest in more specialised tools or more power tools to do everything more efficiently. Crowbar: When you need to pry apart boards, remove stubborn nails, do some heavy lifting, or otherwise break things, reach for the crowbar.

Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool: A Dremel (or other similar rotary tool) may not be a necessity, but it sure comes in handy for a great variety of applications. The lists above should certainly get your toolbox decked out and help you tackle just about any project around your home. My workshop is pretty well set up, I own every thing on that list and a fair bit more but I don't own a roll of duct tape. You'd think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep). We have shared takes on long distance relationships, renting your first apartment, buying a house, getting married, becoming a parent and getting divorced.
We have already had a couple of college students come in with computer problems this week so please keep us in mind if you experience any difficulties with your own computer. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My University Money is proud to offer its own unique original resource with its interactive student budget.A  We understand that you’re busy and dona€™t have time to fuss around making excel spreadsheets (all you accounting students out there aside), so we went ahead and set up a colour-coded model that even an humanities guy like me can figure out! If you keep them in your main aquarium they will usually be able to find enough such debris left by your other fish.
This means that you shouldn't be surprised, or feel bad, if the majority of your baby fish fail to reach adulthood. If you don't have room to keep them all, your local fish shop may be willing to buy some, or you can help your friends discover the delights of fishkeeping.
We have also added the Fish Experts Questions and Answers in regards to the most common questions we receive on our email. Here are the tools everyone should own, from the most minimalist toolbox to a kit for the experienced DIYer. The suggestions for the basic toolbox below also make for great graduation or housewarming gifts. As the Art of Manliness points out, the vise grips can stand in for pliers, a spanner, wire cutters, a clamp, a ratchet, and, in a pinch, a hammer. However, for the remainder of your household jobs, most people will probably want to supplement with additional basic tools.
Aim for flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers in various sizes; you can often buy these in kits. One end is used to drive nails in, the other side to pull (usually bent) nails out of wood or a wall.
Because they lock in place, they can be used as a clamp, or, as mentioned above, in lieu of a spanner or wire cutter. Well, you need a tape measure for that and to do other things such as making sure furniture will fit in a room and measuring windows for blinds. A level ensures you don’t hang or install anything (including your flat-screen TV and shelves) less than horizontally perfect.
This Old House recommends buying one with built-in blade storage and rubber-covered handles for comfort.
Cordless drills are convenient for working anywhere, but the corded kinds cost less and don’t require expensive battery replacements. Most store a variety of screwdriver heads in the handle and may also bend 90 degrees or more for greater versatility. Available with stiff or rigid blades, it can also be used to scrape off old paint or glue residue, pry up nails or can lids, clean paint smudges, and remove wallpaper.
There are many types of chisels, made for specialised purposes, but the basic design of them all is the same.

It’s like your standard office stapler but more powerful, and comes in manual and electric versions.
Finish nailers are used to nail mouldings and small trim boards (like baseboards), while brad nailers are for thinner or more delicate trim.
With different attachments, you can use the power tool for drilling, grinding, sanding, sawing, sharpening, routing, polishing, cleaning, carving and engraving.
For further inspiration (or just plain tools-gawking), check out MythBuster Adam Savage’s list of 300 meticulously-organised tools. Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need. Make sure you are running virus scans on a consistent basis and backing up your data regularly. Make sure you have read up properly on the fish species in question - a few species of fish do care for their young, in which case separating them can be a very bad idea. If you do keep them in the main aquarium, make sure they have plenty of hiding places among rocks and plants. Be careful to avoid using filtration equipment with small holes that the fish can get inside, and avoid filters that push small bubbles through the water, as these can get trapped under growing scales and be very painful.
Meanwhile, WD-40 has over 2000 handy uses, and you know duct tape is an essential tool for every would-be MacGyver. Whichever type you get, an electric drill not only drills holes and drives screws, but, with different bits, also sands and grinds materials, stirs paint, and even helps out in the kitcheb.
If you come across any problems or issues, do not hesitate to contact us and drop by our office. Ground-up algae discs work well for young vegetarian fish and a piece of sausage suspended in the tank with string will be a popular snack for young carnivores (just don't leave it for more than two days). Based on a Japanese dating game, this semi-scripted, interactive game lets you experience dating in high school, all from the safety of your bedroom!You start out by making your own character, including choosing her zodiac sign, hair style, hair color, and her own personal style. This will also help you buy the best quality tools you can buy — an approach we always advise.
See Art of Manliness’ how to use a screwdriver for more about screwdrivers than you might care to know. You can decorate your characters room, and earn more stuff as you move through the game to make it extra amazing!My Candy Love is set up into different episodes, and each one has its own set of goals that you need to reach in order to move on in the game. Everything centers on the idea of building relationships with different guys in school, based on how you talk to them, hang out with them, and appeal to each of their unique personalities. At the end of each episode, if you have a high enough score with a certain guy, you get to go on a date! However, this leaves you plenty of time for gameplay, and you can always purchase more if you feel like it! The coolest thing about this game is that although there are certain “tasks” you need to complete, the story morphs around the decisions you make, and there are several endings depending on what you do, both for each episode and the entire game!
It is fun, flirty, and a great way to practice talking to guys without using someone from your school as a guinea pig.
Play My Candy Love NowMore Games Like My Candy Love Sooo, did you think this game looks cool? She worked for a large game production company before and after quitting it in 2003, became a freelance writer.

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