When you enable iCloud Drive and Photos, iCloud for Windows creates new folders for those files in Windows Explorer. The good news is it is perfectly possible to get your iCloud email address up and running on your Android device. Certificates should be set to SSL, or SSL (accept all certificates) if you're having issues connecting. After you've entered all the above information, hit next and you'll be taken to the setup page for the SMTP section for outgoing mail. Set certificates to either SSL or TLS (again you may need to hit the option to accept all certificates). Of course, there may be other apps out there that do this for you, or you might know of some tips and tricks to make things run a little smoother. Last year when Apple announced iOS 5, they brought a new feature to the table called iCloud. Once iCloud is set up on your Mac or iOS device, you’ll be given a list different features waiting to be enabled. Have you ever been browsing the web on your iPhone or iPad and are faced with a situation where a full-scale web browser would really come in handy? Using Photo Stream will upload and store the last 30 days of photos on iCloud and push them to all your devices. For example, if you created an amazing drawing in an app with iCloud integration, you’re able to open that app on another supported device and either finish or edit your creation. If you enable Find My iPhone (or Find My Mac), you’ll be able to quickly locate the geographic coordinates of your device. If for some reason you’ve had a device replaced from being broken or lost, iCloud backup can really come in handy. Upon setting up a new iOS device, you’ll be given the option to restore it from an iCloud Backup. Overall, iCloud is the perfect solution to keep your digital life organized, but knowing how to use all the features is the important part. You might want to listen to a music, watch a movie or the episodes of a TV series, play a game, read a latest book, you never know when.

If you have forgotten your Apple password or want to change reset your password, apple provides you to let you reset your password. Tips : You can change or reset the password for your Apple ID account or your iCloud email address by providing some information. And when you save new files in those folders, the files will also automatically appear on your iOS devices. Android devices require you to have a Google account and accompanying Gmail address, but you might want to keep using your iCloud account for email. It's a little fiddly to get set up – especially if you've come from the iPhone which does it all for you – but it works, and it gets your existing email on to your new Android device. Starting out on a Mac you’ll have the option to Sync your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks between your Mac(s) and other iOS devices. Organize your schedule on any enabled device and enjoy the simplicity of having your important dates on both your Mac and iOS devices. With Bookmarks in iCloud, just bookmark the page you’re on and open it up on your Mac.
With an iCloud enabled app, as long as you have Documents & Data on, anything done or created within that app will be uploaded to iCloud and become available on any other device with the app installed. This integration is present in many App Store apps including Apple’s own Keynote, Pages, and Numbers apps. No cables required, though it may take a little longer as your information is being beamed down from the clouds. If you’ve never poked around in iCloud, give it a shot and find out how simple it can make your life. As of the statistic of July 2013, the service has over 320 million users all over the world. So with iCloud, you can easily access all the features or entertainments on your devices just by tapping Buy. You should change your iCloud password regularly in order to secure from your Colleagues, Friends, brothers or sisters and even your spouse.
Using the Mail option, iCloud will push email from that email account to whichever devices you’ve enabled.

Currently Reminders is not available on Mac, but will be as soon as Mountain Lion is released in the very near future. Currently this option is only available between iOS devices, but like Reminders, Mountain Lion will add a new Notes app that also works with iCloud. Currently only Mail, Contact, Calendars, Find My iPhone, and iWork are available online but Apple is working on adding more features soon.
The service allow users to access their data on all their devices and also makes it possible to share photos with their favorite people. On the right top of the login page, you can see setup instructions when click will redirect you to the page where details information are provided for setting up icloud on various Apple devices.
It can come in very handy, but only if you decide to actively use the free iCloud email account. Setting up a reminder with iCloud enabled will ensure you remember your important task, no matter what device you’re using.
But until Mountain Lion is released, you can still get the most out of Notes with iCloud across your iOS devices.
With the upcoming release of iOS 6 this fall, you’ll have the option to share your Photo Streams with whoever you want, creating a personalized pictorial.
And on the right bottom you can see a Apple Sign that will launch you to the Apple’s official page.
Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy contains rules that every users should abide by the rule while using iCloud. System Status right side from Terms and Condition would shows you about the Apples product used by its customers.

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