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I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. I went natural for all those reasons three years ago, ready to embrace my natural coils and free up my schedule and budget in the process. One attempt at a two-strand twist turned into a messy four-hour ordeal that left me with disastrous results. Impatient and indecisive about the direction I wanted to take with my hair, I weaved it up for a couple of months while I decided what my next style move would be. I had heard horror stories about the excruciating heat you’re subjected to at the Dominican salon. When it was my turn to meet the hair dryer, it was hotter than I would have preferred, but it didn’t kill me.
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I have never been to a Dominican salon but have considered going for a blow-out recently because I love the results my cousin has had with getting them.
Like another woman who commented, sometimes if we want the best for our hair we have to learn to do it ourselves. I am SOOO sorry the author had such a bad experience but I have to say the fault lies in the frequency of the blow out not the technique.
I can do almost the same thing with the right straightening products, a blowdryer with a comb attachment, and a flat iron…i do love a good press, though, but it sure isn’t something I would pay for every 2-3 Weeks!
Girl I will tell you, I went to a Dominican Hair salon in Washington Heights and when a walked in a wall of smoke walked out the door… I thought these heffas were smoking (I was 15), but I looked closer and it was the women’s hair!!! Completely understand where you are coming from, but if your hair is done the right way, heat every two weeks will not damage your hair. Want to enjoy movies and gaming in 3D but don’t want to spend a fortune on a big-screen 3D TV?
User Jahun on the 3D advocacy forum Meant to Be Seen 3- shares his setup where PC game and movie visual data is sent to identical projectors outfitted with polarisation filters and projecting onto a screen made from silver screen material. You’ll still need to spring for two projectors, but if you already have one for a home theatre system this could be a good alternative. True, but in the tutorial he says that his projectors have a feature called "lens shift" which apparently allows you to move the projected image without having to move the projector itself! I bought a pair Samsung monitor from the same shop a week apart, and the colour was so different no matter how much I adjusted them I couldn't ever get them the same, I ended up selling them (and loosing money) to buy a pair of Dell Ultrasharps. Just get a 3D-ready DLP projector, a Volfoni SmartCrystal Pro polarizer, and a small silver screen from a company like Severtson.
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The joy of not being a slave to routine chemical processing and heat styling certainly is alluring for many.
After the weave I thought I would get a blowout for a couple of weeks, mainly to check my hair growth. Someone told me about her one and only experience at a Dominican salon, complete with amusing re-enactments of weeping and gnashing of teeth. All I knew was that 45 minutes after I walked into the Dominican salon with my tightly coiled afro, I was leaving with a sleek, bouncy chin-length bob. I went inside one to talk with them about it and noticed right away that all the stylists all had short, broken off and very damaged hair and this is something I pay attention to if I am to let anyone do my hair and how well they seem to treat their own hair. I think its about the individual who you trust caring for your hair and how seriously they take caring for the hair they are touching, and sadly many stylists will make it pretty, but can mess up years of progress with one visit and it will show when the style fades away. The tension that the stylist uses, what stage your hair is in, the products, brushes, combs, how long the heat is left on your hair. I used to go to the Dominican Hair Shop every two weeks faithfully, and they burnt out my ends literally.
It seems like everytime I let someone touch my natural hair, there is almost always some kind of damage.
There was this one Dominican Salon that I went to monthly to have my hair done and I loved what the stylist did for my hair. The amount of heat and tugging on the hairline to straighten out thick hair, it’s not meant to be done on a routine basis.
I took that cloud of smoke in hand and took my behind to Duane Reade where I bought a blow dryer and did it myself.
I love the way my hair looks after visiting a Dominican salon, but i still only go once every two months for a blowout. Considering how much heat they use, it’s best to keep the straightening done by them to a minimum at best.
You can rig up two projectors with filters and screen material for a (relatively) budget alternative. He also added ducting to move the heat from the projector exhaust to the HVAC air refresher system to keep the heat down in his attic theatre setup. See my folio for matching patterns in this set and for vector version - set of 4 seamless patterns. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.

Many natural hair divas will tell you they find there’s more freedom and versatility in styling hair in its natural state. I just let the relaxer grow out, relying on weaves and blowouts during the transition phase. There was only one place I would go for my blowout; the place where dreams were born and legends were made. I have countless family members and friends who have been going to Dominican salons for years, and their hair is so sleek and healthy you’d think they had perms. It’s always best to wear a ponytail or other natural or frizzy style in between blowouts. A month back my sister in law took me to a Dominican salon in Bridgeport, for a relaxer and blow out – I was natural at the time, and I wanted to put in a relaxer anyway.
She pulled so much of my hair out with the type of comb she was using and then my hair smells like its burnt. My hair length is past my shoulders and i do use relaxers about every 7wks but i knew this was only a one-time deal. To get a better idea of what makes a resume great, we reached out to Amanda Augustine, career expert at online job-matching service TheLadders. When the relaxed hair finally grew out, I tried out a few low-maintenance natural hair styles, but was disappointed that I didn’t have the length or the talent to recreate all the fabulously luscious styles I saw the natural hair divas on YouTube rocking. Several of my natural hair girlfriends went to the same Dominican salon and their hair looked healthy, flawless and fabulous.
But I had so many other friends who went to these salons and had great experiences and hair to prove it. When I walked into the salon, I was greeted with a hug and immediately ushered back to the spa-like shampoo room. I decided I would go through the experience just one time to check my growth and wear my hair in a different style for a couple of weeks. No amount of sisterhood hugs could erase the fact that I was losing the natural hair I had spent more than two years to grow. I have to say using the products at home hasn’t proved a bad investment for me personally. Being natural is great but you have to let go of the silky straight ideal first and embrace whatever kinky coily path your hair wants to take you down. Ladies in the stylist chairs getting their hair blown out didn’t seem to be in tears or crying out in pain. My hair has broken off since moving to Chicago and trying Chicago stylist who have adopted the Dominican techniques.
So my goal is to find a great stylist, familiar with blowing out my texture, with consistency and I’ll bring my own products if I have too lol.
I missed the Dominican salon that I went to in Brooklyn, at least she knew what to do with my hair. But that is combatted by deep conditioning and keeping your ends trimmed and deep conditioning + protein until next heat style.

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