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We recently launched an internal Wiki site to share the useful recruitment communication tools, processes and information within the company across different departments. After evaluating the many platforms we could use, from running an enterprise Wiki on our intranet to hosting it on a webserver running wiki software, we decided to host our wiki in the Cloud using Google.
All you need to do is: Plug the box in Connect to it with your web browser Discover your BACnet, Modbus or other protocol devices Bring in your data points Build your dashboards and graphics DGBox Highlights Many standard protocols are supported, both IP and serial, and protocols are added as needed Built-in features like WiFi, and specialized drivers for XML-based gadgets such as the Mamac Maverick and Functional Devices (RIB) IP Relay A unique data driver known as the Http-Retriever.

This very powerful driver has the ability to read and write (get & post) to data points on any html web page or XML interface.

Cloud based company email policy
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