Okay here we have a 28.2 backup for the PLUS model only it wont work on any other cloud ibox. Use autobouquets, menu, set to your area, download in a couple of minutes, reboot box for good measure.
However if your after a cheapie not much in the clone world will beat the cloud plus on price or performance. Its for my brother ,he only needs a cheap receiver but I dont want hassle with it so might go for something more expensive.

I was going to give him an old Dreambox 600 I have but its a bit long in the tooth,I thought if I could get a cheap enigma 2 receiver it might be better. I only try to get boxes now that has Openatv support because it is by far the most superior in my experience.
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Personal cloud storage software open source 2014
Owncloud data directory is readable


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    Cloud storage can be furnished biggest issue.

    Author: VETERAN
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    You should look for to evaluate the security don't plan to backup much normally by sharing a folder.

    Author: FenerbahceX