The model being launched is Arris DCX 3600 and is based on cloud technology for its VOD portal. Enhanced DVR has mainly its customerbase in New York City and Los Angeles with an Internet speed up to 300 Mbps.
Comcast’s Cloud DVR has a storage capacity of 500 Gigabytes, the ability to record up to five shows at once, and has recently added out-of-home access to programming.All its content can be recorded in the cloud. TWC has announced that its next generation video platform will be based on Reference Design Kit(RDK),but it is not decided whether the product being rolled out will be using RDK. Thus,with the advent of enhanced DVR by TWC, people can have peace of mind that they can watch TV shows anytime even if they miss it, as the DVR has the ability to record up to six different programs and has more storage space than the previous DVR. Once you have the credentials, go to your DCS-942l page under Setup and then Snapshot and put the credentials in there. This article describes how to set up a D-Link DCS-942L to upload JPG images upon motion detection. TWC is investing in these next-generation experiences in Los Angeles and New York City and have also extended to Austin, Texas.

Among the rivals, Verizon’s premium level Quantum TV setup consists of 12 tuners and 2 TB of storage. Cablevision Systems’ network-based Multi-Room DVR is now capable of recording 154 shows at the same time. The features include broadband speed upgrades, including a new 300 Mbps(downstream)DOCSIS 3.0 service that replaces its former 50 Mbps offering and an expanded VOD library.
It allows users to remotely view and control their cable, satellite, or personal video recorder (PVR) system at home from a remote Internet-connected PC, smartphone or tablet as if he or she were at home.Customers have also connected their Slingboxes to other video sources, including Blu-ray players and security camerasHow Slingbox Works ?A slingbox is said to be designed as an electronic device that enables the sharing of that data you want to share.
You might have to use a repeater if the distance between the camera and the DVR is over 300 feet. It has six tuners, can record upto six different programs with the ability to save 150 hours of high-definition(HD) programming on its 1-terabyte(1,000 gigabytes) hard drive.
These new generation experiences are expected to be extended in Charlotte (NC), Dallas, Kansas City, Raleigh (NC), San Antonio, and San Diego in 2015. DirecTV’s Genie whole-home DVR can record up to five shows.On the other hand, Comcast has been experimenting on a configuration of its X1 video platform that can record up to 15 shows at once.

It includes built-in wireless and a USB port for playing your own music or sharing photos and videoGame-ready remote.
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