If you use Safari on the Apple Mac to browse the web, you probably use its ability to automatically fill in name and email fields in forms.
At first sight this sounds great, but many people have more than one email address and you might have two, three or more. When you have several email addresses, there is the question of which one Safari will use when it automatically fills in the email box in a form on a web page.
This opens the Contacts app, selects your contact card (you should have a card in Contacts with your name on), and automatically selects edit mode. The email address that is first in the list is the one that Safari will use when automatically filling in forms. This is how El Capitan works, but I cannot guarantee that this is true for older versions of OS X. If you find that the first email address is not being used, click the label, such as home or work, and select email for the label or select Custom and create a label called email. Google has announced on the Gmail blog CardDAV support for syncing Google contacts on your iOS device. I was going to ask almost the same thing: Is there a benefit of adding the contacts this way compared to adding the GMail as Exchange? As far as my testing has gone using cardDAV keeps the high res photos you choose for your contacts.
One feature I’ve noticed is that I now have a ton more options for the relationships field.
Google has been revamping most of their web service interfaces lately and things have gone from bad to worse.
Reeder on the iOS and NewsRack on the Mac are great replacements for Google's Reader in the browser.

While using both Gmail and Google Reader services, I never actually visit them in the browser. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.
In this case, you can add on your Macbook or your iPad another email address on which you will be call on Facetime.
Your iPhone will also register its phone number with Apple's servers, so it can be reached there as well.
In your case, I would recommend making a new ID either for each device, or each person, and only use this ID for FaceTime for now. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged apple-id facetime or ask your own question.
If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us? For example, you could have a work email address, a personal email, one for iCloud, one left over from MobileMe (remember that from a few years ago?).
It has several to choose from, but it is not a random choice and you might find that somehow it is choosing the wrong one.
Click the AutoFill icon in the toolbar and there is an option to AutoFill web forms using info from my Contacts card.
You might have one that is labelled home, another that is labelled work, one that says other, and so on. If the first one in the list is not the one you want to use, you must click in the address, delete it and replace it with the email AutoFill should use.
In fact, I have heard it said that AutoFill will use the email address that has the label email, even if it is not the first address in the list.

Currently, Google Sync allows IMAP support for email and CalDAV for calendar entries, keeping your data synced in real-time no matter what device you are using. CardDAV enables 3rd party clients, like the iOS contacts app, to sync your Google contacts. After this, you should set your Google Contacts as your default account if you’re using iCloud.
Why does't some third party develop something and give us a cool user interface if we are on a machine that does not have Outlook installed. A limitation to this is that while you can add multiple ID's for FaceTime to recognize, these emails can not be used for another Apple ID. By supporting IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV together, we’re making it possible for 3rd parties to build a seamless Google Account sync experience.
Google still has the best RSS syncing service (no one else really has one), but their interface is horrible and these applications make a huge difference in usability.
For storing photos online, Smugmug and Zenfolio also offer much better features and more security.
For example if you buy any notepad that is Windows 7 based you need to drop the extra bucks for Office 2010 which is a complete waste if you are not going to use the tablet for office functions. If one needs to use Google Calendars, programs like BusyCal are better options and offer a good interface.

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