The iPhone 5 setup steps take a few minutes to complete, but are worth it to make sure you can use the iPhone 5 to its full potential. Users that are upgrading to the iPhone 5 from an iPhone 4 or earlier will also want to make sure to get familiar with Siri and to arrange apps to take advantage of the extra row of icons.
Find My iPhone is a free service that allows users to track a lost or stolen iPhone using cellular networks and GPS.
By linking Facebook and Twitter to the iPhone 5, users can quickly share photos, log into Facebook login apps, share links and share status updates.
The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 allow users to add multiple Twitter accounts, but only one Facebook account. The screen brightness is one of the biggest battery drains on the iPhone 5, like on most smartphones. It’s also a good idea to slide the brightness down to keep the display at a reasonable level.
This is also a great time to set up an iPhone 5 wallpaper and lock screen image to personalize the iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5 features a metal back and handles drop tests better than the Galaxy S III, but it isn’t impervious to scratches.
Apple stores are not selling iPhone 5 cases yet, but Verizon and other retailers offer a rather large selection of iPhone 5 cases. If you're already using iCloud on one Apple device and need to know how to get all your stuff to a new device, this is the guide for you. My Photo Stream can automatically store your last 30 days of photos, or most recent 1,000, whichever is larger.
Family Sharing lets you share iTunes and App Store purchases with other members of your household. We can walk you through how to set up child ID's, track someone's lost device in your Family Sharing group, and anything else you need to know about Apple's Family Sharing service.
Collegare una videocamera ad un network e accedervi in passato richiedeva configurazioni complesse.
Accedere alle tue videocamere mentre sei in giro e facilissimo: scarica l’app gratuita mydlink™ Lite, disponibile per iOS e Android, sul tuo smartphone o tablet. Non solo la DCS-5020L si puo connettere con velocita wireless N al tuo router; la modalita Extender puo espandere il campo della tua rete wireless, eliminando punti morti e dandoti una copertura ancora maggiore. Questo prodotto D-Link include codice software sviluppato da terze parti, compreso codice soggetto a GNU General Public License ("GPL") o GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL").
Compilando questo modulo confermi di avere letto e di aderire alla nostra Informativa sulla Privacy.
These users should be sure to restore from a backup before changing these settings, as the restore will overwrite many of them.

There is a better sync for Macs, but Windows users can still use PhotoStream to instantly share Photos to their computer.
Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, Notes and Documents and Data will keep all of these in sync. This works great for some users, but those who store a lot of information on their iPhone won’t be able to use iCloud for backing up without paying for extra storage. The Notification Center now includes Tweet and Post to Facebook shortcuts, and Siri can update Facebook or Twitter by voice.
After adding Facebook, users can choose to Update all contacts with information from Facebook and Facebook Birthdays and Events will show up in the Calendar. If there is more than one iPhone 5 in the house, a unique lock screen image is one way to keep phones straight.
It makes sure everything you have on your iPhone is also available on your iPad and Mac, and even your Apple TV and Apple Watch. We will walk you through setting up a device as new, restoring from a backup, and lots more. Not only can you send an alert with a message to a device you can't find, you can also remotely wipe data from it if worse comes to worse. Even better, parents can take advantage of the "Ask to Buy" feature which requires young children to request purchases. If it finds the same song, it lets you stream or download it from iTunes, to any of your Apple devices, immediately or for as long as you stay a subscriber.
Quando e connessa ad internet, puo inviare notifiche email con screenshot o clip video se vengono rilevati movimenti o rumori ambientali. Mydlink™ Cloud Services rende facilissimo accedere alla propria videocamera dovunque ci si trovi ed in qualsiasi momento. Puoi scansionare un ampio campo visivo, e con lo zoom digitale a 4x puoi ingrandire aree specifiche per visualizzare piu dettagli. Si tratta di un software per la sorveglianza IP completo, disegnato per gestire centralmente piu di una IP Camera (fino a 32).
Some work email accounts will require a Passcode or even a complex Passcode, so it’s a good idea to set one up now. You'll also need to decide whether or not you need to buy additional iCloud storage space, which we'll help you with as well. You'll walk away feeling confident you have complete control over your iCloud data, how it's stored, and what you need to do in order to recover it.
It's a great way to share photos with only a small group of people, no social network required. The best part is that if you have Find My iPhone enabled, potential thieves won't be able to turn it off without your iCloud password.

If you have an Apple TV in your home, you can access all your purchased movies, tv shows, music, and more just by logging in. If it doesn't find the same song, it uploads your version and lets you stream it just the same.
E’ dotata di LED ad infrarossi per una visione notturna fino a 8 metri, motion e sound detection, e compressione video H.264 per immagini di alta qualita.
Potrai impostare aree di interesse per il motion detection o la soglia di rumore minima per il sound detection. Seguendo una guida passo-passo si potra avere la telecamera in rete in una questione di minuti. D-ViewCam™ e compatibile con tutte le videocamere IP di D-Link, e permette il monitoraggio e la registrazione di video, audio ed eventi per svariate applicazioni di sicurezza. We highly recommending enabling and learning everything you can about how this free service can help you protect your devices and your personal data. Family Sharing also adds convenient tracking features which are handy for children in the household. Because your music is always available on the iTunes servers, it works like a backup, making sure you don't lose your collection even if you lose your device. Most App Store apps also support iCloud Drive which means no matter what apps you choose to use, your files are at your disposal at all times, no matter what Apple device you're working from. Il monitoraggio notturno e possibile grazie ai LED ad infrarossi che permettono di vedere fino a 8 metri, anche in condizioni di totale oscurita. Successivamente, attraverso il portale mydlink™ si potra attivare il proprio account che ti consentira di vedere e gestire la videocamera da remoto da qualsiasi computer, smartphone o tablet. Questo software da agli utenti un set di funzioni che include la registrazione e riproduzione di video, Video mode, Map, mode, Wizard mode, Expert mode, Event Action, e altro.
Può inviare notifiche email con screenshot o clip video quando vengono rilevati movimenti (motion detection) o rumori ambientali (sound detection). When they're old enough to be on their own plan, you can hand their Apple ID over to them to manage on their own. And if you have Family Sharing enabled, you can also stream purchases belonging to someone else in your Family Sharing group.
Se hai gia una videocamera, puoi aggiungere la DCS-5020L al tuo account mydlink™ pre-esistente e visualizzare il live-view di tutte le due camere da una singola postazione. If you don’t have any iOS device to use, you can also make use of the Find My iPhone website.

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