If you want your Mac's photos to wirelessly sync to all your other iOS devices and computers, you want to set up iCloud Photo Library. Apple's photo sync service lets you back up your images on all your devices as well as access them — online or offline — on said devices.
Here's how to set it up on your Mac with Photos for OS X as well as how to access your images from a PC or older Mac.
Check "iCloud Photo Library." This will begin uploading any and all images you have stored in the Photos app to iCloud.
From here, you have the option to either keep all your iCloud-stored photos also downloaded on your Mac, or optimize your storage by only keeping a portion of your library accessible from your hard drive, while the rest remains stored in iCloud. Ideally, I'd turn it on on the Mac and then reset the phone somehow so it downloads the pics again.

You can configure your iThings to automatically Sync with a Mac and that does back up some data, but not a full back up.
To fully back up your iThing to your Mac, tether it via USB and in iTunes > Summary, click Back Up Now. You can see when the last full iCloud and Mac back ups happened in iTunes > Summary (red circle).
If you're willing to pay for the extra iCloud storage space, you can store an incredible amount of photos and videos, all accessible at the touch of a button or multi-touch screen. When it's finished, you'll be able to view your uploaded photos and videos, favorite them, download them to your computer or share them via email, and upload images. I can see by the processes and especially the temperature of my MBP that it syncs in the background.

Yes, but there is a catch a€” only the iCloud will be a full and automatic back up while backing up to your Mac will be strictly manual.
You can also choose to back to your Mac (this computer), but you will need to remember to tether it periodically a€” automatic back up is always best. If I turn on iCloud photos on both will they both upload everything to the cloud and I'll have dupes?

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