The updated version of the Xbox 360 Dashboard lets you easily send and check messages on Twitter and Facebook. After signing in, you’re able to post tweets, search Twitter and check out Trending Topics. When there’s a lot of typing involved, use a USB keyboard versus a controller and on-screen keyboard. In Settings, select if you want to automatically sign in and whether or not to display your Xbox Live Gamertag. As automotive IT connects cars to the outside world, the likelihood of electronic attacks on vehicles is set to increase, experts say. Already US scientists at the Universities of California and Washington earlier this year managed to electronically hijack a car, using wireless LAN and the car’s diagnostics interface to gain access to onboard electronics.
The researchers, targeting the many electronic control units (ECUs) that every modern vehicle uses, were able to trigger the car’s braking system, turn off the engine and manipulate instruments to provide false readings.
The auto industry, which has been extremely restrictive in allowing outside access to all in-car electronics, denies that hacking scenarios such as the one played out in the US could become reality. Researchers, working closely with the car industry, have been intensifying their analyses of automotive security issues.

Another project, called EVITA (E-Safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications) runs until 2011 and includes premium-car maker BMW, as well as several automotive suppliers and makers of semiconductors. A third German project, called SEIS (Security in Embedded Systems), aims to build a secure communications middleware for vehicles based on Internet Protocol. Though there is no disagreement that the networked car faces new and greater security risks, most experts say the threats can be managed – for now. Wolfgang Broy, a professor at Munich Technical University, says the US hacking experiment could be applied to European cars as well. The US team of scientists that conducted the hacking experiment also said it would be very difficult for malicious attackers to replicate it.
And the Karlsruhe experts don’t believe such an attack is possible at the moment with the current state of technology.
Experts feel that automakers are keen to listen to the IT industry, where data security and integrity has been an issue for many years. The IT industry has a big toolkit available to help car companies deal with data security, industry. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek. One project called SEVECOM (Secure Vehicle Communication) looked at ways to fend off malicious attacks on cars initiated through vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication routes. But he feels that the simulated US attack was only possible because the car’s electronics infrastructure didn’t adhere to security specifications. As auto electronics open up to data exchanges with partners that may not always be fully reliable, vehicles are more at risk. Accept the terms of use of iCloud and in the next step, you will be prompted to merge all contacts and upload to iCloud. If you want to access your contacts online, you can choose Merge.Once you have completed this step, you can see all the options available for sync with iCloud.

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