If you choose to set your new Apple product up as a new device, just sign in with your Apple ID (or create one on your device).
Lastly, iOS 5 will now ask you whether you want to share diagnostic information with Apple, which may help them improve the iOS experience in the future. If you aren’t yet ready to make the plunge to iCloud, you can still set up your device using iTunes. If you’re upgrading from another device, iTunes will detect previous backups and allow you to restore your previous data, which will set your device up the way you had your previous device set up. Glenn is Managing Editor at MacTrast, and has been using a Mac since he bought his first MacBook Pro in 2006.
I recommend setting your device up using iCloud, as it presents the fastest and easiest way to get started, but we’ll also look at setting your new device up through iTunes.

These services can locate your device using Wi-Fi, local cell towers, or GPS to provide location-specific information. This is necessary in order to connect to your wireless carrier and Apple’s servers and activate your device.
Once you agree, Apple will set your Apple ID up on your device and ask you if you’d like to use iCloud.
This backs up your device to Apple’s servers so you can restore it any time you need without having to use a computer. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re done, and your device is ready to use! If you don’t restore through iTunes, you can set your device up as a new device and proceed to set it up the way you like on your own.

In order to use maps, geotag your photos, or use features such as Find my Friends or Find my iPhone, you must have location services enabled. It’s recommended that you do, as the service can help you find your device if it gets lost or stolen.

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