When I started at Pocketables, I was a heavy Apple user: a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and various Apple accessories rounded out my desktop, and the software that ran on each was mostly made by Apple. When you get to the email settings window – you can just click on general and then using the forwarding section, you can forward all emails to gmail or wherever and also delete messages after forwarding.
On the next screen user will see their phone number and also the email address that they use with their Apple ID. By default the user will be reached both by their phone number and email address with new iMessages. With Send and Receive selected the user will see their phone number and email address used with their Apple ID on the next page.
Hey troy, by following this step i have Set Up iMessage to my iPhone, Thanks for helping dude…! As of the iCloud 5.1 update, which was released at the end of 2015, iCloud supports Outlook 2016, 32 and 64 bit as well as Windows 10.
We're seeing a lot of questions (and complaints) about Apple's iCloud service and it's integration with Microsoft Outlook. Users with POP3 accounts seem to have the most problems (but could benefit the most from iCloud), since the data is local to one computer. Exchange, Gmail, and Hotmail users don't need to use iCloud for their calendar and contacts. Tip: To quickly find this folder, open your Account Settings dialog, switch to the Data files tab then select the iCloud line and click the Open File Location button. The ability to set the iCloud data file as the default so appointments display in the To-Do Bar depends on which iCloud version you are using.
Open the iCloud control panel and sign out of the iCloud, then sign back in (and enable syncing, if not enabled when you sign in).
If you added the iCloud service in Outlook's Account settings, Data files tab prior to receiving this error, you'll need to remove it from Outlook before the iCloud can add it back.
When you sign out of the iCloud, you'll receive a message asking if you want to keep a copy of the iCloud data or Delete then from the computer. When instant search doesn't find fields when searching records in the iCloud, verify the iCloud is enabled for search. In Outlook 2010, switch to the View ribbon and click the Change View button to select a list view.
When in List view, right click on the row of field names above the contacts and choose Field Chooser. This is because the desktop software syncs with an Outlook data file, not the iCloud's data file. To disable iCloud sync, open the iCloud control panel and deselect calendar and contact sync then sign out.

I turned off the iCloud sync but I get a message in iTunes which says that the Contacts and Calendars are being synced through Microsoft Exchange. The iCloud utility in Windows Control Panel configures the email account for you, including setting the Sent and Deleted items folder for the IMAP account (if using Outlook 2010). About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book.
NeilToday 5:19 amHelp, updated W10 to the anaversiary version and lost link in outlook 2016 to contacts and calendar. At the end I tried to repair the Microsoft Office 365 installation, and the problem was that! As I the years went on, Android started to get better while iOS got worse, and Windows 7 was far better than OS X could ever hope to be.
Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find all of the services you used your iCloud address for and tell them that you’re no longer using that address.
Simply click Add a Rule… and then select is addressed or CC’d to from the first dropdown menu. Thankfully, iCloud rules aren’t only limited to one, and you can also set up a rule for your second Apple email address. Follow these setup instructions below to start syncing your iMessages across all of your devices. Also, new conversations will be started from a users phone number and this can be changed to the email address if the user wishes. These accounts support Exchange ActiveSync and all data is already in the cloud and syncs to all devices and computers. Although you will see iCloud listed as a data file option in Outlook, you need to use the iCloud service to add the data file and configure the service. The "main.db-wal" file is a temp file and contains calendar data that syncs with the iCloud CalDAV server.
If you are going to re-enable the iCloud, it doesn't matter as everything will sync back when you re-enable iCloud. In Outlook 2007, expand the View menu and select the phone list, By Category, or By Company view. When I go into the Organizer, Configure settings, Advanced to map the iCloud folder, it returns an error.
If you want to configure the email account yourself, try the following server names and port numbers. I know some are having problems with it - but it's working for others, so there is more to it than just the Anniversary edition. I would definitely sign out, uninstall, reboot, download a fresh version of icloud and reinstall as the first step.

I still bought a third-generation iPad when that came out, and I still used a lot of Apple services, but I was starting to break free from that walled garden and move on to greener – and much more open – pastures.
But you’re in luck: just like Gmail, fowarding iCloud email is easy, and this guide tells you how to do it. Once you’re there, locate the Settings icon in the Mail app (as signified by the little gear) and click on it. This eliminates the need for Android’s Email app, and allows you to consolidate your email into one, easy-to-find mailbox that you can sort the way you want. This unbiased view of the tech world allows him to choose the products that best fit his personal needs and tastes: a Microsoft Surface Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and a third-gen iPad.
If you don't have an Apple email account, an email account won't be created in Outlook when you sign in to iCloud, only Contacts, Calendar and Tasks will sync. This is a separate calendar and when it works correctly, your default calendar in Outlook will sync to iCloud.
The data file created by iCloud 2 (iOS6) can be set as the default data file if you use a POP3 account. In my case, I was getting two reminder dialogs, one for the iCloud and one for my other calendars.
Next, select the "Info" tab and scroll to the bottom, under Calendar and Contacts, and select how you want to sync. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums.
After that, all you need to do is click on the Rules… selection of the context menu that pops up.
After that, head to the second dropdown menu and select forward to, and enter your Gmail address in the text field that appears. Forwarding iCloud email is more difficult than other services since Apple doesn’t include an option specifically for forwarding, but hopefully this guide has helped. Removing the iCloud data file from your profile (open it using Control Panel, Mail) and stopping sync in the iCloud applet may allow Outlook to work for you. However, it might be easier to configure the account on one computer using the iCloud utility then use those server names when you configure the account on other computers. You do not need iCloud to share Office 365 data between computers and should not enable it. When iCloud is enabled, it moves calendar and contacts to the iCloud folders, removing them from the Office 365 server.

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