Before going through this step by step affiliate marketing plan, don’t forget that simply doing those four steps and stopping will most likely make all your efforts pointless, ok?
Step 3: Write some articles ( 7 articles each monday for example, you need 1 per day), each of them targeting a different keyword. By posting an article per day and creating backlinks, you’ll get a lot of traffic to your articles and your website.
Of course if some of you prefer investing in Pay-per-click instead of doing article marketing, you can still do the first steps and then launch a Ppc campaign. Just wanna input on few general things, The website layout is perfect, the subject matter is really excellent : D. This is the first honest and straight forward article i have read so far in the last six month on affliate marketing.Thanks a lot. You can as well opt for various products in the same niche so that you’ll be able to compare them on your web site.

Choose a keyword related to the product you are marketing that has more than 2000 queries per month and under 50,000 quoted results. It will create backlinks to your article that will most likely boost its position on Google.
The really important thing to understand about this step by step affiliate marketing plan is to not be reluctant to test things. Be sure that this keyword isn’t too broad (select a long tail keyword preferably) and that the people who type it are in a position to buy now.
Also, distribute the same article (read the policy abut duplicate content first) on other famous directories such as Goarticles and Articlesbase and include a link to your web site at the bottom of these articles plus a link to your main article (the one on Ezinearticles). For example, if you notice that you’re well ranked and that you get many readers but that only 3% of them are actually clicking on the link to your web site at the bottom of the article, you need to modify the way you introduce that link in your resource box or author box.
But as you are searching for a step by step affiliate marketing action plan, I’m going to provide you one.

Once you choose a good keyword, buy the domain name related to that keyword and opt for a hosting provider (like Hostgator). The objective is to boost that primary article to give it the best ranking possible on Google to generate traffic. If you need a more thorough step by step affiliate marketing action plan and help in uncovering a hungry and targeted niche as well as advices and examples on how to write converting articles, you might want to grab the training course below.

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