Not only will this allow you to get push Hotmail emails on your iPhone, but you’ll also be able to sync your Hotmail contacts and calendars over the air.
Step 4: Select what you want to sync from your Hotmail account (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and tap Save.
Thanks for this ?? I’m a newb when it comes to my iPhone and this was easy to read, easy to understand, and it worked great. What setting do I change to leave copies on the hotmail server after downloading to my iPhone.
This is a useful piece of information since that recently started having problems with the e-mail on the Iphone.
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I want to see them on my phone, delete them from my phone and all the emails still be there when I log on from my PC. I have a student live mail account and at after (step 4), it asked for my Exchange password. The thing that makes me mad is if I’m on my laptop in my Apple Mail and delete the message it is still on my iphone unread! No matter what you put in the box it will never be correct, so stop, and don’t waste your time. I have gmail set up as well and this doesn’t happen, it actually syncs with my Iphone.

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