These ads were targeted to US males age 30+ who had indicated on PlentyOfFish that they have children.
Since the text in each of these ads was identical, it was the image alone that determined the performance differences.  The conversion rate of the top converting ad was exactly 5 times higher than that of the lowest converting ad, and the highest CTR was more than 5 times the lowest CTR. Interestingly, the lowest CTR ad (Ad 1) was NOT the lowest converting ad per click.  In fact, with 25 conversions from 165 clicks, it had by far the HIGHEST conversion rate per click. I would have to agree with the comment made by marketing online, If it were me I would choose to use Ad1.
If these results were per day, your sense honesty of would have cost you $124,000 in one year for no other purpose than to make you feel better.

Mardi is wearing some pretty outrageous jockstraps from Male Power including the crotchless Cyclops Jock. It might get disapporved though because of the question and the smiley, but it’s worth trying.
You have simply used a picture of what your target audience hopes to attain, instead of a less attractive image of what he might settle for.
Many of our models have limitations on the level of nudity they're comfortable, and we're perfectly fine with that, but when you have crotchless jockstraps to get shot, most models would run away screaming. He's also wearing the Activeman Lace-up jockstrap, Go Softwear wrestling singlet and the Joe Snyder Launch Jock.

In a time where people are turned off on too much and intrusive banner advertising, truth and honesty, which is what most people want anyway, will almost always prove to be the clincher that draws more people into your offer.
We took advantage (in an entirely professional manner) of him and got him in everything risque we had hanging around.

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