Our first four seminars have been a great success and we want to continue the ability to help affiliate owners, new and existing, run successful businesses and flourish. Already put one of the take aways into use the following Tuesday during an intro session with two prospects. The information was presented in a manner that is consistent with adult learning techniques. CrossFit Amundson is pleased to offer Athletes an opportunity to participate in a rewarding in-house Internship Program. The cost of the 7 day Internship Program is $1500.00 which includes daily transportation to and from the gym (for Interns staying within 5 miles of the gym) and to and from San Jose International Airport.

December in Park City, Utah is a great time for box building, as well as some skiing and snowboarding. Instead of asking them what their goals were (which results in the typical answers), I asked them what brought them here and what are they doing right. Intended for Athlete’s interested in developing themselves as CrossFit Trainers, Coaches and Leaders, the CrossFit Amundson Internship Program (CFAIP) provides you with the support, mentorship and guidance you need to be at your best.
As a former member of another box biz-ness company, I would definitely hire you guys in the future.
Following graduation from the Internship Program, Trainers are eligible for recruitment at CrossFit Amundson or may return to their respective Affiliate’s with solid hands on CrossFit teaching experience.

The Internship Program is intended to also be a source of inspiration and motivation for participants, and includes several exciting opportunities including a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) day on the ocean, a Krav Maga Class, Goal Setting consultation and outdoor beach workout.

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