Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This presentation introduces Leawo iOS Data Recovery to help users to recover deleted text messages from iPhone. If you deleted your conversations on WhatsApp by accident, and now want to restore them, here is how you can simply do that with a new online tool called RecoverMessages. Note that, RecoverMessages offers some features are only accessible if you create a personal user account. OnePlus is always been ready to include some of the unique and abstract wallpaper on their smartphones.
Today’s guide is for those who want to add new functions to ‘Home’ button of their Android phone. I received such an email and I think it is quite touching to retrieve those photos from iCloud backup just for a video, which may full of great memories of their university life. In order to extract and retrieve photos from iCloud backup, iPhone Data Recovery is an indispensable software to do it.
Once your device successfully connect with the program, you can see all the previous backup files listed automatically on the window. Home About Blog Contact Us Main Menu Home About Blog Contact Us Sub Menu Digital Media Digital Products Digital Marketing Social Media Web Hosting WordPress Make Money Ultimate Guide Reviews How To List Blog How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages?
This software enables users to recover deleted files from iOS devices and iTunes backups, so it is helpful on this issue.

This service lets you easily recover WhatsApp messages or pictures deleted from your iPhone or Android phone and serves as a forensic tool.
Because, WhatsApp automatically makes backups and stores them on the SD card you can easily restore your chats. Some 3rd party recovery tools like FonePaw Android Data Recovery and Wondershare are popular for people to recover files from Android phone and iPhone.
Those photos are about my roommates in the university and I meed to retrieve those backed up photos to make a video for them. With just a few mouse clicks, now, you can retrieve those pictures you need from iCloud backup with iPhone Data Recovery. This can be an advantage or disadvantage as the case maybe.You have accidentally deleted a message from your Facebook chat and want it back? Archive or Delete Facebook MessageLast Updated June 28, 2014 by Anurag Mishra 1 Comment Everybody desperately wants to know how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages. Then you will be prompted by Setup Assistant by a new iPhone to set up as a new phone or restore from backup.
Might be you have accidently removed Facebook message, now don’t know how to find deleted messages on Facebook.
Please sign in with your Apple ID and Password, then choose one iCloud Backup file to download.
Next, I will show you how to retrieve pictures from iCloud backup with iPhone Data Recovery.

Before we move to know how to recover Facebook message, first of all see the difference between archive or delete messages.What is the difference between archiving and deleting messages?When you archive a message or conversation, it means you hide it from your inbox. But, it will appear again whenever the same person starts a chat next time.Well, when you delete a message or conversation, it will remove the message or conversation permanently from your inbox. So, no chance or hope of retrieving messages or conversation in futureSo, How to archive messages in Facebook?1. Click on the Archive, then conversation or message will be removed temporarily from Facebook inbox. Click on Unarchive message from left column by selecting the conversation.How to delete message from Facebook?1. To delete conversation from inbox, click on Actions again, and then select Delete Conversation from drop down menu How to retrieve deleted Facebook messages or conversation?No, you cannot able to retrieve deleted messages or conversation on Facebook. Blogging is what I do and I write extensively on my favourite areas like Web Analytics, SEO, WordPress, Social Media to name a few.
I help business to succeed in the social media industry by assisting them as a consultant and strategist.

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