Last week, when I was scanning the text messages and deleting some unimportant ones, my iPhone asks me if I wanted to deleted the messages, I hit ”Yes”. Step 2 After a few minutes, all the data in your iPhone backup will be listed in organized categories on the left sidebar. Step 1 Connect your iPhone 4 to the computer with an USB cable and then launch Leawo iPhone 4 Data Recovery.
Step 2 After entering the DFU mode, the program will automatically begin scanning of the iPhone 4. There are various scenarios where you may need to restore your iPhone to the original settings.
I recommend testing whatever  you are attempting to resolve after restoring to original settings but before restoring from a backup. Backup iPhone: Before you do anything else make sure that you have a current backup of the iPhone. Restore iPhone to Original Settings: Now watch as the restore process continues and make sure to not unplug your iPhone during this process. Test iPhone Functionality: Remember before you actually complete the restore as noted in the next couple of steps to test your iPhone to see if the problem you were attempting to resolve has been corrected. There may be a couple items that were not restored from the backup properly so be sure to go through your settings to make sure everything is set the correct way. Forgot the lock password of your iPad screen and iPad can't be unlocked, stays on the black screen?
Actually, if you want to unlock your device with a lock password, other than entering the passcode, the only method is to restore your iPad to the original factory settings. If you are iPad 1 users, follow the steps below to enter the device's scanning mode to scan it. When the scan over, you can preview the data from the scan result according to your needing. After you have retrieved your data from locked iPad, now let's try to follow the instructions of Apple's official to unlock your device. Note: As a matter of fact, though you take your iPad to the Apple service center, Apple staff also need to restore your device to unlock it.
Anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad on a consistent basis has important information stored on it. When heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, there are two perfect ways to make sure all of your data is safe – iTunes or iCloud. Like other cloud providers, there is one major downside – you’ll need to pay for storage space. But along with the extra space for storing backups, you’ll also be able to store and access all of your photos with iCloud Photo Library and access other files through your Mac or iOS device.
Another advantage of Dropbox is its large amount of integration with other third-party iOS apps.

Until Apple significantly drops its storage pricing, which doesn’t seem to be likely anytime soon, combining some of these options could easily work best for you. But what you should know is that all the previous data of your iPhone will be replaced by the iTunes backup in this method. When you choose output folder location, you’d better tick the checkbox to automatically open output file after recovery. After that you should activate DFU mode of iPhone 4 by referring to the guide on the main interface of Leawo iPhone 4 Data Recovery. After restoring to the original settings you can then restore your iPhone from a backup but the problem with this may be the initial conflict could have been caused either by a setting or an application installed on the iPhone.
This way you will know if your issue is resolved by restoring your iPhone to original settings before the backup is restored since restoring the backup could cause the issue again. Once highlighted make sure you are on the Summary tab and then click the Restore button located in grey area titled Version as shown in the below image. The images below guide you through the restore process and will appear as status windows that pop above the iTunes applications.
A status message similar to the previous messages shown during the firmware restore will display as shown in the below image. The message disappears after 10 seconds but really just flashes to let you know that the backup restore has been completed. One thing I noticed immediately that was not restored from the backup was custom ringtones I had installed on my iPhone. But in this way, all your iPad data will be deleted when you perform the factory setting restore.
After 10 seconds, you can release the "Power" button, but still pressing the "Home" button for anther 15 seconds.
Whether it’s photos, videos, text messages, or something else, there’s probably some irreplaceable data on your iOS device right now. Unless you select to do an encrypted backup, information like Health and Keychain data won’t be included in the backup.
If you have an app that offers any cloud storage features, it more than likely can connect to Dropbox.
Users receive 15GB of free storage while a 100GB option is a very reasonable $1.99 per month. I’ve gone against my better judgment and ponied up for an expensive iCloud storage tier mostly because I’m heavily invested in Apple products and like knowing that my information is automatically backed up. If you’re not a “power” user try this out – remember to back up your device through iTunes often and take advantage of Google Photos to store images and videos for free. It was not until that moment that I realized that what I just deleted were the important ones that I hadn’t intended to remove.
Then find the “Devices” column on the left sidebar, and right click your iPhone shown on the “Devices” column and choose “Restore from Backup”, then choose a backup to restore.

Recently I reset my iPhone to its original settings because I thought it would resolve an issue I was having with Visual Voicemail however it did not end up resolving my issue because after restoring from the backup the conflict that caused Visual Voicemail to not work was restored and so Visual Voicemail stopped working again. Once completed verify that the issue is still resolved if it was actually resolved in step 5. It was easy enough to load the ringtones back on the phone however there may also be other items that are not backed up and then restored correctly so be sure to check everything you can think of. According to this situation, before you plan to do it, you'd better back up your iPad data previously. For $6.99 per month, you’ll receive a large amount of storage and a subscription to Office 365 Personal.
But the best solution for you depends on how big an iOS device plays in your everyday life. The most importantly, never backup your device with iTunes once you have realized your data loss, or your recovery of deleted SMS will fail. I will explain the details behind that in another post but below I describe the process of first restoring the original settings to the iPhone followed by restoring everything else from a backup.
What's more, they can help you recover those data you have deleted from iPhone accidentally.
There are some different ways to back up your device in case of a catastrophe, or even just to make it easier when upgrading. So if you forget to back up for a while and something happens to your iOS device, you could lose some data. Unfortunately, once you move beyond Google’s apps, such as Google Docs and Google Photos, Drive support is hard to find. With the Personal subscription, you can access the full Office on one PC or Mac, one iPad, and one iPhone.
Finally, you also need to have physical access to your computer to restore from the backup, which isn’t exactly convenient if you’re on vacation or traveling away from home.
Still, if you only care about photos and videos, the new Google Photos app will give you free unlimited storage. From that menu, you can back up immediately and also see when your device’s last backup occurred. Photo and video backups are a cinch – especially with the service’s Carousel app – but beyond that you’re out of luck. You can call the customers service to ask them before you do a full request for your SMS and calls.
But if you ask users what they would want to backup on their device, a majority would easily say those irreplaceable memories.

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