I recently had my iPhone replaced due to a sticky power button but had a few problems when restoring from my iCloud backup. The second problem was a little more fiddly, and I still don’t really understand what the problem is. The result was that my apps would start downloading and as soon as the progress bar filled, the app icons would flash white and the app would disappear. Some data was not restored, for instance, apps that were removed from the App Store for legal reasons. I tried the suggested, syncing the iTunes, but that just gave me a new copy of the apps with all my app data missing. Thanks great tip, I had to replace my iPhone 5 (volume up broke) and the iCloud restore gave me the incomplete error. Welcome to here’s the thing, your source for practical tips, advice, and how-tos about the gadgets you use each day. Once configured properly, iCloud Backup will automatically make copies of all the settings, accounts, messages, photos, and applications settings on your iDevice and stores them on Apple’s servers.
It’s a great feature for anyone who rarely bothered to dig out their sync cables to manually back up their handsets with iTunes—assuming iCloud Backup works as advertised, that is. As someone who’s seen his fair share of computers and phones fail on him over the years, I wanted to put iCloud Backup to the test before trusting it with my precious data.
When you reach step six, your iPhone will ask you to choose an iCloud backup to restore—either the most recent one, or an earlier backup. Note: Please keep in mind not to backup your iPhone with iCloud when you are aware of data loss, or the old backup file may being overwritten by the new.
Please free download and install a corresponding version on your computer, and follow the below steps to recover your iPhone data from iCloud backup files. Note: For contacts, notes and messages, you can directly restore to your iPhone if you keep your iPhone connected with your computer via a USB cable during the recovery process. After your iPhone or iPad powers on, you'll see a welcome screen, Slide your finger across the bottom where it says slide to set up. Now on the Location Services screen, choose whether you'd like to have location services on by default.
On the next screen, tap on Restore from iCloud backup and enter your credentials when asked. Once your iCloud settings have been restored, your device may ask you to set up Touch ID and a passcode where supported, since Touch ID specifically is never saved in a backup. If you're already using iCloud on one Apple device and need to know how to get all your stuff to a new device, this is the guide for you.
My Photo Stream can automatically store your last 30 days of photos, or most recent 1,000, whichever is larger.
Family Sharing lets you share iTunes and App Store purchases with other members of your household. We can walk you through how to set up child ID's, track someone's lost device in your Family Sharing group, and anything else you need to know about Apple's Family Sharing service.
Agree to the terms and conditions of service by tapping the blue Agree button on the bottom left.
A progress bar will show you an approximation of how long it will take to download your backup. I managed to solve them all so I thought it might help a few others if I described my findings here. Wait a few minutes and then attempt the restore again while connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
However, if you chose to skip that step, it is rather easy to set up the iPad to automatically back itself up to iCloud. But before you take this step, it is a good idea to make sure your iPad is being backed up to the iCloud. If you still have problems, you can move on to the next latest backup, repeating the process until (hopefully) the problem is cleared.Restoring from a backup can take some time.

A final step involves re-downloading all your apps from the App Store, a process that the iPhone handled automatically. You must sign up for iCloud (it’s free, as long as you keep your online storage under 5 GB) and turn on iCloud Backup in the Settings menu.
Does iCloud automatically back up to the last date it was backed up or does it give you the option of choosing a backup date?
Whether you really want to go to all that trouble to retrieve a single lost contact is, of course, up to you. Each of your older iCloud backups will be stamped with dates and times, so pick a backup that’s dated just before the time you accidentally deleted that one contact from your address book. To extract and recover whatever data you like from iCloud backup file, you need the more effective and powerful iCloud Backup Extractor. Then the program will automatically scan and show you all the previous backup files from your account. Once it’s finish, you can see a scan result generated by the program, such as contacts, text messages, photos, call history and more. If you don't have access to wifi, you can choose Use Cellular but keep in mind, only some things in your iCloud backup will be restored without wifi.
Make sure you read the description of what location services are before deciding whether or not you'd like to enable or disable them. It makes sure everything you have on your iPhone is also available on your iPad and Mac, and even your Apple TV and Apple Watch.
We will walk you through setting up a device as new, restoring from a backup, and lots more. Not only can you send an alert with a message to a device you can't find, you can also remotely wipe data from it if worse comes to worse.
Even better, parents can take advantage of the "Ask to Buy" feature which requires young children to request purchases. If it finds the same song, it lets you stream or download it from iTunes, to any of your Apple devices, immediately or for as long as you stay a subscriber. Unlike restoring from iTunes, you don't need to plug right into the specific Mac or Windows PC that holds your iTunes library. I want to sell my iPhone 4 now and buy a new iPhone in October, so I want to know if i will find the backup then. In the end only about half of my apps were restored – the rest appeared to be deleted. If the data that was not restored also exists in your iTunes library, you can sync it back to your iOS device via USB cable sync as a work around.
Once the homescreen appeared again, I immediately tapped on one of the apps that previously failed to restore.
This will take you to a screen that will display the last time the iPad was backed up to iCloud.Once you verify the backup, you are ready to begin the process. The reason I ask is because I deleted a contact on my iPhone, and was hoping iCloud would allows me to choose a backup date before I deleted that contact. Learn how to back up your Windows PC here, or how to back up your Mac with Apple’s Time Machine utility.
Free cloud service iCloud will be a new way to store and access your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents and more, and wirelessly pushed to all your settings, everything can be done automatically.
In the case of your device power on, iCloud will automatically backed up them daily through the WLAN network.
If a newer version of iOS is available, follow the onscreen instructions to download and install it. Tap the categories you want in the left column and view the detailed content on the right panel of the window. You'll also need to decide whether or not you need to buy additional iCloud storage space, which we'll help you with as well. You'll walk away feeling confident you have complete control over your iCloud data, how it's stored, and what you need to do in order to recover it.

It's a great way to share photos with only a small group of people, no social network required. The best part is that if you have Find My iPhone enabled, potential thieves won't be able to turn it off without your iCloud password.
If you have an Apple TV in your home, you can access all your purchased movies, tv shows, music, and more just by logging in. If it doesn't find the same song, it uploads your version and lets you stream it just the same. This feature is used for turn-by-turn navigation (like Navigon, check-in games (like FourSquare), social networks (like Facebook), geo-tagging (like in the Camera app), and utilities (like Find my iPad), etc. You will start by erasing all data and settings from the iPad, which puts it into a clean state. When you set up a new iOS device or restore the information on the original device, iCloud backup can complete these tasks.
So that you can one click to restore them to your iPhone or other iDevices when your data lost or being deleted, without losing the recent data. We highly recommending enabling and learning everything you can about how this free service can help you protect your devices and your personal data.
Family Sharing also adds convenient tracking features which are handy for children in the household. Because your music is always available on the iTunes servers, it works like a backup, making sure you don't lose your collection even if you lose your device. Most App Store apps also support iCloud Drive which means no matter what apps you choose to use, your files are at your disposal at all times, no matter what Apple device you're working from.
We've even done it right at the Apple store, right after swapping out our iPhones and iPads. Unless you have a particular need to globally disable it, you'll want to turn on the Location Services feature at this point. You'll can also see older backups, and backups of your other iOS devices on the same iCloud account. You can do this by going to the iPad settings and choosing General from the left-side menu.
The restore screen should give you estimates at each stage of the restore process, starting with restoring the settings and then booting into the iPad. Just be patient and if you have to jump off of wifi, no worries, iCloud will pick up right where it left off next time you are connected to wifi.
When they're old enough to be on their own plan, you can hand their Apple ID over to them to manage on their own.
And if you have Family Sharing enabled, you can also stream purchases belonging to someone else in your Family Sharing group. Once the first app had succeeded all the other apps followed without me needing to tap on them individually.
Tapping this button will perform an immediate backup, making sure you have at least one data point you can restore from later. This option appears after you have signed into your Wi-Fi network and chosen whether or not to use location services. Remember, if you have a lot of apps, it could take some time for the iPad to complete this step.
In addition to downloading apps, the process restores photos and other data, so if it doesn't look like there is progress, the iPad could be working on downloading more than just apps.

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