Device Manager provides you the facility to graphically view the hardware that is installed on your computer. Identify the device drivers that are loaded for each device, and obtain information about each device driver. View the devices based on their type, by their connection to the computer, or by the resources they use. The System and Security section of Control Panel opens up and you can see the direct link for the Device Manager. To view the hardware click on any category and the related list of installed hardware will appear.

You will see various options like Update Driver Software, Disable, Uninstall and Properties etc. It has to be downloaded onto your PS Vita, otherwise Sony can prevent you from installing the game on your PS Vita (e.g. Even if you have it as a bubble on your PS3, the transfer will fail!The other mentioned devices are unable to download & transfer the game to your PS Vita. If you have created a backup of the exploit game on your PC (via CMA), then you are 100% safe and can even mess up and delete the exploit game from your PS Vita. This feature can not and could never automatically update your PS Vita firmware, this was only a rumour.That is pretty much it.

Place this much smaller iso onto a Pal memory card (one with the blue spiral) and place that into a ntsc (red spiral) controler.

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