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By default, your device automatically backs up to iCloud — assuming you set up iCloud, of course. Many apps are connected to an online service, so separate backups aren’t really necessary. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise come with a more advanced backup and restore utility called Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore. This Vista disaster recovery option works by creating an image of the selected hard drives and saving this image to either multiple DVDs or to another hard drive. To create a Complete PC Backup image for your computer you need to enter the Backup and Restore Center. When you click on that icon, the Backup and Restore Center will open as shown in Figure 1 below. From this screen, you would be able to see the last time you performed a Complete PC Backup and where it was saved to under the Back up files or your entire computer category. You have two options as to where you can save the backup image; a hard drive formatted using NTFS or a writable DVD. If the destination that you have chosen does not have enough free space to store the image, or if it requires multiple DVDs, then the Windows Complete PC Backup wizard will show you a screen where you can select the drives that you would like to backup.
When the backup is finished being created you will see a message stating so as shown in Figure 6 below.
Your computer has now been successfully backed up and you should store the media or external drive in a safe location in the event that you need it in the future.
If you still want to perform the restore, then you need to start the restore process from the System Recovery Options menu in the Windows Recovery Environment. Now that you understand how Complete PC Backup and Restore works, it is advised that you create your first Complete PC Backup and store it somewhere safe. If you are an owner of Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise then you have access to a feature called Complete PC Backup and Restore. Windows Vista comes with a rich feature set of diagnostic and repair tools that you can use in the event that your computer is not operating correctly.
System Restore is a system recovery feature of Windows that creates snapshots, or restore points, of the state of your computer at various intervals or before you perform a certain task. Most people think computers, being electronic devices, don't require any mechanical maintenance, but this is not so. SaveGameBackup is a free utility for every gamer out there to easily backup and restore large collection of games. To create backup for a game go to the Backup tab and select the folder that contains the specific game(s). To restore a backup, go to the Restore tab and load the saved backup file from the respective directory. The Options tab also contains an exception option that can be used to exclude certain game and file types.
To see a detailed list of the games that can be backup using this application, see the developers website.

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Apple only offers 5 GB of iCloud space for free, so you may need to manage your iCloud backups.
When you set up a device, you’ll be able to restore the backup from your iCloud account.
You can have your device automatically back up to your computer instead and choose whether to encrypt these local backups with a password.
When you back up via iTunes, you’ll get a complete copy of all the data on your device so you can restore your device to the same exact state later. For example, when you create notes in Evernote, they’re saved to your Evernote account online so you can access them from other devices.
You can even see the option to back up the camera roll in the third screenshot with a switch next to it.
This program allows you to create an entire backup of your computer that can be used to restore your computer in the case of system-wide failure. In the event that your computer is no longer able to boot into Windows Vista, you can then restore these snapshots using the Windows Recovery Environment.
As this is the first time you are making a Complete PC Backup, you will not see this information. I suggest when making backups that you save the image to a DVD or to an external backup hard drive. Those disks that are considered system disks will automatically be checked and cannot be unchecked. When you press this button, Vista will start the backup and create an image on the media or hard drive that you specified. In the future when you make further Complete PC Backups to the same drive, it will only backup the differences between your last backup and the current state of your computer allowing the backups to complete much quicker. When restoring a Complete PC Backup it is important to know that the restore process will erase all of hard disks and all of the user data and programs will be erased and replaced with the data and programs from the backup. Instructions and information on how to access the Windows Recovery Environment and the System Recovery Options menu can be found in the following tutorial: Using Windows Complete PC Restore to restore your computer.
This provides peace of mind because you know that if there is a problem in the future you have a perfect installation that you can easily restore. This feature allows you to create backup images of your computer so that you can do a system-wide restore in the case of complete system failure. These tools allow you to diagnose problems and repair them without having to boot into Windows. These restore points can then be used to restore your computer back to the state it was in when they were taken. When I first began using this application, though, I had some difficulties restoring my backup image on my test boxes using the instructions found in other tutorials. Many computer faults are caused by components overheating due to poor airflow in the case because of a buildup of dirt and dust over time.
To add an exception, select the name of the game  and click on the Move button on the left hand side menu. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The iCloud Backup toggle allows you to choose whether or not your device backs up to iCloud.

You’ll see a Backup section, where you can control how your device backs up and manually back it up.
If you’d like to create a one-time backup on your computer, click the Back Up Now button. The limitations referred to in the linked article apply to photo stream, which is completely separate from device backups. Unlike the standard backup and restore feature that comes with all the versions of Windows Vista, Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore allows you to not only restore your data but also the complete operating system and other critical system files. If you save the image on a system hard drive, and that drive fails, then you no longer have access to the image to restore it. Please note that the screenshot below was taken from a different computer, so does not reflect the actual back up we are doing. It is important to note that you cannot backup a drive that is being used to save the image. If you understand this warning, and feel that you need to restore a backup, then continue reading.
As always, if you need help with or want to talk about Complete PC Backup and Restore, then feel free to ask us in our Windows Vista Help Forums.
This provides much greater flexibility when it comes to fixing problems that you are not able to resolve normally. Due to this, I pooled info from a variety of available tutorials, and with some work, I was able to figure out how to restore my data. The reason behind the development of this tool, according to the developer, is that it makes it easier to migrate saved games to a new computer.
Similarly, use the Move button on the right hand side menu to remove a game from the ignore list. When iCloud next backs up, it won’t back up any apps you disable here, saving you space.
To restore this back up later, just connect your device to your computer and use the Restore Backup button.
If you have iCloud backup turned on, all your camera roll will be backed up by default, with the only limitation being the amount of free iCloud storage. When you press that button, if a User Account Control prompt may appear you should click on the Continue button. On the other hand, if you save the image to a DVD or external hard drive, then you can store it in a safe place and use it to restore the computer when needed. If you have any doubts at all about how this process works, please ask us in the Windows Vista help forums. This allows you to save limited iCloud space and avoid having to upload and download huge amounts of data.
For this example, I am selecting the On a hard disk as I have an external drive plugged into the computer. If your selected backup device has enough free space to store the image, or after you press Next in the disk selection screen, you will be presented with a summary screen for the backup you are about to perform. If you had selected the On one or more DVDs option you would be able to select the drive letter for your DVD writer.

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