Let’s start with an easy method: Steam has a built-in backup tool that does an adequate job of backing up your games. Cons: One of the biggest limitations of this tool is that any mods you’ve installed (or modifications you’ve made) outside of the Steam Workshop will not be backed up. You can also access this menu by going to your games folder and right-clicking on a game that you want to back up, then click Backup Game Files. You’ve probably already figured out how to do this, but you go to Steam > Backup and Restore Games, then click Restore a previous backup, and press Next.
Choose the location where you saved your backups, and be specific with your name (Steam is unusually picky with names here, so don’t be surprised if your file name gets rejected or if Steam can’t find a backup). If Steam can find the restore file, then it will ask you which game you want to install (if you backed up multiple games to that same folder). If that’s the case, then you can manually backup Steam games, although it’s a little more labor intensive. You can skip this step by right-clicking a game in your Steam games menu and clicking Properties, then Local Files, then Browse Local Files, which will open up a Windows Explorer window wherever that game’s files are on your computer. In some cases (like if there’s been an update for the game you’re restoring), Steam will verify the local files before downloading new updates. Copy this game data to your desired backup location, then simply copy and paste it back whenever you need to restore your save files. If steps above didn’t work, you can try recover files with free recovery software Recuva.
If Steam keeps overwriting your MK10PSET file with broken one, you have to disable Steam Cloud for MKX. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
First and foremost, you should identify if a game syncs its own saves before bothering to back up its game saves. GameSave Manager is a free program that contains a database of games and their save game locations. Without GameSave Manager, this would require locating a game’s save files on your hard drive and backing them up manually, then restoring the individual files to their correct locations. You can also create a scheduled task that will automatically back up your game saves on a schedule. Games that don’t perform cloud syncing still put their save games in a specific folder.
If you’d like to eschew third-party tools entirely, you can back up your save files the old fashioned way. We recommend you use GameSave Manager if it supports the games you want to back up — backing up save games manually can be complex and unnecessarily time-consuming.
What sets it apart is that we support games no matter where you buy them and then we also have a social network where you can simply trade game saves with other people. DID YOU KNOW?Shakespeare is, via his play Twelfth Night, responsible for coining the name Olivia. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. So you might be wondering how to restore the Roman Empire and obtain the Basileus Achievement.
For those with slow Internet connection, here's an alternative way to download and install Torchlight 2.1. Ross is the Pambansang Blogcaster ng Pilipinas - An Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Professional by profession and a Social Media Evangelist by heart. He blogs as an advocacy to help the country in making itself known as a prime tourist destination to prove that it is really more fun in the Philippines.
Here is a modification of parking textures in high definition, it adds spots of oil and gasoline on the floor and generally makes the soil much more realistic.HD textures replace your original texture during installation. Today, I’m going to teach you how to backup and restore your Steam games so you don’t have to download games like Grand Theft Auto V (which has a 70GB download file) ever again. Basically, Steam takes that game’s data folder and compresses it to the location of your choice for future usage.
Depending on how many games you’ve selected – and how big those games are – then this might take a long time.
If you play a game like Skyrim, for example, then you won’t be able to backup all the modifications you’ve installed on it (unless those mods are all from the Steam Workshop). Then, simply copy and paste the files from the game in that folder to your desired backup location.
Even if you have a messy backup, Steam is usually smart enough to repair your files on its own.
Your saved games are typically found in Documents under the name of the game or the publisher’s name. Now let’s copy that older MK10PSET file from backup, so right click anywhere in the  folder and select Paste.
If you had enabled your File History before and it is clickable, then follow all same steps from Windows 7 section. Go to that folder where you restored your MK10PSET file and right click it and select copy (or cut).

If a game syncs its save files with a cloud service, it handles the backup and restore process on its own. It can scan your computer for installed games and their associated saves, displaying them in a list. GameSave Manager can place these backed up files in a cloud storage folder, so you’ll always have a recent backup in case anything goes wrong. If you copy the game’s save files without your GFWL profile, the saves may become unusable. I just wanted to pop in and mention a new option we just launched for backing up and syncing PC game saves: GameWisp. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Europa Universalis IV. Albania War & First Ottoman WarNow you are at war with Albania and this war will be fast and quick.
It has successfully collaborated with all forms of media namely print, radio and television making it the most diverse multimedia organization. The parameters of the ground detail of your Flight Simulator will be changed automatically by the installer and restored by default when uninstalling.The installer will also restore your original files, you have nothing to do everything is automated by Rikoooo !Texture quality will also depend on the ability of your graphics card, the result could be different from one person to another. In many cases, you can just transfer this data over, then Steam will download and install any new updates or data that is missing. You have couple of options that might help you out and it doesn’t cost anything to try.
Unless something goes wrong, the game will automatically back up your save games to the cloud and restore them to other computers, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Games with the cloud icon next to them use Steam Cloud to sync their saves, while games without the cloud icon do not.
With a few clicks, you can select the games you care about and back up their save games to a single file. This effectively tricks the game into storing its save games in a cloud storage folder, so they’ll be synced along with all your other files.
Just click the Sync and Link option and select the game saves you want to store in your cloud storage folder.
This guide will provide the basis know-how, tips, tricks, strategies and insights for playing as Byzantium. Once your ships arrive off the coast of Albania, you will have successfully blockade them and you will have a warscore of circa 25%. Your lands should look something like it does in the screenshot below and you will have a lot of vassals.
As you can see, only games that have been fully downloaded and fully updated are eligible for backup. Let’s look how you can restore files in Windows 7, Windows 8 and with free recovery software Recuva that works in both.
Note: Windows 8 has disabled File History by default, so if History button is grey as it is in this picture, then this wont help you at all.
This file can be restored on another computer with GameSave Manager, putting all the save games back in their correct location.
Websites like the Save Game Locations Wiki attempt to bring all this information together in one place, but they’re not very comprehensive. If you have religion as a national idea, use the holy war CB, if not then use the claim that you fabricated during your truce.
The glorious Roman Empire and the restoration of its old imperial borders!!If you played CK2 and restored the old imperial borders (LoR DLC), than this is what it will look like in EU4.
Kill off their army and then proceed to carpet bomb their land.It is also advised that you use 1 ship to see where their main fleet is located and then move all but 1 ship to where their main fleet is located to prevent them from moving troops to your land. There are also other decisions that can increase it further.Another worthwhile opinion, is to take control of the Black sea region (Taking providences that borders that black sea), while working on increasing your technology levels and national ideas. Once you declare war make sure your allies join and that you have your blockades setup, otherwise this war can be very hard for you.
If you took Religion as your first National Idea, you will have a perment CB against the Ottomens for the remaining wars.
Dezember 2013)IMPORTANT NOTICEThis guide is outdated and I do not plan to update it anymore. In any case, you should have at least a fleet of 25 (20 Galleys and 5 transport ships) and an Admiral for your fleet.
I would highly suggest that you Fabricate a claim on their capital or a piece of land next to yours.In addition to fabricating a claim on the Ottoman Empire, you will need to build your army to at least twice the size of the Ottoman's Army (if you do not already have it). If you are doing good in this war, siege other provinces, but make sure that their army is destroyed.
Now that you have 2 free diplomats, you need to be careful in this next step and I suggest that you keep your game speed to 1 (the slowest). It also will help if you have either Austria or Hungery as an ally because they will join your war against Venice. As you can see in the screenshot above, they have 10k troops and I have over 20k troops when combined with my vassals. I would recommend that you focus on taking the province that you have a claim on and weakening their army further.

When you are ready to start your war, you will move to galleys to preemptive blockade Venice and you will have your troops in position to transport them to Create & Naxos. You should also have enough military techonolgy to build cannons (minimum of level 7)You will also want to start improving your relations with your neighbors and think about future alliances with them. Once you have enough points on your war score and depending on how you are doing in the first Anatolian war, claim your province, demand some money and release a province.
You will want to have 2 units in Athens and 3 units in Morea so you can transport them to Naxos & Crete. The Ottomans will take the long way around to get to you and if you have some allies (for example: Lithuania) they should keep them busy and weaken them enough for you to win the war.
Once you have your troops in position, it is time to declare war on Venice and your war target will be to reclaim Crete.
Your goal of this war to take back your cores of (Epirus, Macedonia, Monastir & Thessaly) and Sofia. Make sure that you do not have any enemy fleets in or near the Sea of Crete and attach your army to your transports and move them to Crete.
If you can get some gold and nullify alliance, that is a bonus, but not a requirement of the first war.
During this time they will try to continue and declare war on someone in or on the outside of Anatolia.
Sometimes it will became a part of the HRE and if that happens, it can be hard to conquer it. Don’t worry about it, just start fabricating another claim (if needed), recover from the last war, build up your troops to the same level as before (x2 or x3 their army size) and have your fleet still at 20-30% higher as theirs. If that happens, you will need to strengthen yourself and wait for the right time to strike and that will vary from game to game.
Also make sure that with the Athenian Army, that you have at least the same amount of troops as Naxos.
In this case, Athens has 4 units and with my 2 units, it gives give me 6,000 troops for Naxos. Request military acess as needed and If you have Austria or Hungery as allies they *should* help keep the Vencian Troops busy while you are sieging the islands. Also, do not forget go siege the island of Corfu.Depending on who you have as allies, who Venice has as allies and how the war goes, this will determine how quickly you can seige everything and obtain the Greek Islands from Venice. Within the first month of your defeat to the Ottomans, you will need to warn them again, otherwise they will warn you and if this happens, it is a restart for you. Sometimes they will warn you within a few days after the last war and unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it as it is a restart for you. Once you have enough warscore to annex the 3 Islands (Corfu, Crete & Naxos) and take some gold (circa 60) make peace with Venice. Dock your trasport ships in Albania so that you can offload your troops, then go back and get the remaining 4 troops that you have and bring them to Albania. During this time, you will also want to get both Bosnia and Wallachia allied to you.Serbian WarOnce you have all 8 of your troops in Albania, you are ready for your Serbian War.
The goal of this war is to vassalage them and obtained a Dishonored Call CB against either Bosnia or Wallachia.
This is done by declaring war against Serbia and NOT requesting that your allies join your war. As soon as you declare war against them, move your army (8 troops) to their capital and attack their troops. You will only need to have 3 provinces completely sieged to get enough warscore to vassalage them. Once you have enough war score to vassalage them, manually request that one of your allies joins your war. In this case, I have chosen Bosnia.As you can see, they will refuse and the moment that they refuse I recieve my Dishonored Call CB against them. Once this happens, then offer Serbia a peace deal, where they become your vassal and you can take a little bit of gold (ca. As soon as the last war ended, wait until your diplomat has returned and then declare war on Bosnian.
Carpet siege them and when you have enough points on your war score to vassalage them, request that Wallachia joins the war. Just like Bosnia during the Serbian war, they will refuse and grant you a Dishonored Call CB against them. Once this happens, vassalage them and declare war against Wallachia.Wallachian WarLike in the last two previous wars, vassalage them when you win. Lithuania's Royal Marriage & AllianceDuring Balkan wars, you should have been able to get your relationship high enough to obtain a royal marriage and then an alliance with Lithuania. If, for some strange reason, they end up in a Personal Union with Poland, then I am afraid it is a reset for you.

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