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If you have recently installed CyanogenMod on your Samsung Galaxy Ace and when you tried to restore all your contact which is backed up on your SD card it won’t work.
Now in that condition what you can do is connect your Smartphone with kies and install your contact from there. I’m sure this will surely help you to restore contact if, USB tethering not working after installing CyanogenMod 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-5830).
But I also heard that users who had flashed CyanogenMode 7.0 + in Samsung galaxy ace (GT-5830) and other devices, your USB tether option is not working.

They are always under major refactoring and between minor revisions major functionality may be broken. But not to worry because below we are going to share with you a perfectly working way using which you can restore contact from KIES to cyanogenMode7 just by doing minor tweak. This will give your fours option, choose import contact from SD card and then, phone unsynced option. After that wait for a few seconds and guess what your mobile will start importing all your contacts or Vcard.
But still if you face any difficulty following these steps feel free to ask just by dropping your valuable comment below.

The ROM is built on top of kernel meaning that kernel part covers the more low-level functionality. Also if you feel that this tutorial really help you don’t forget to share your opinion with us.
If the kernel you are using does not support some functionality about USB bus, then you can still have problems although the ROM has no bugs.

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