To restore iPhone from backup files in this mode, you don’t need to connect your device. Then all the files found in the scan of the backup will be shown in different categories on the left sidebar, you can click them to preview and tick the ones you want to retrieve from iTunes backup.
The iTunes are automatically synced everytime you connect your device and launch the iTunes on your computer. After my photos and videos have been backed up to iCloud, I deleted all of them off from my iPhone. Apparently, just one question from above post: how to restore deleted photos from iCloud backup? When it comes to restoring deleted photos from iCloud backup, you need a third party software for help. Come recuperare la cronologia chat di Wechat cancellata accidentalmente dal vostro iPhone 6?
SharePod is a simple freeware program with which you can share your iPod music collection with your friends quickly. How backuprestore transfer whatsapp messages, Backing up whatsapp messages is good as you will have a message database that you can restore anytime on your android.whatsapp backup is required is your message list. How backup restore whatsapp messages android, Step 1: launch whatsapp messenger tap the menu key and go to settings. How backup restore whatsapp messages android., Today i will show you guys how to backup whatsapp messages and also restore them on your android. How backup sms calls whatsapp messages , You can then go to your gmail inbox and check the side column for the different labels.

A lot of people use an iPhone as our personal phone, but saddled with a BlackBerry by the employers. Phone Transfer, a powerful contact manager that is capable to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone in one tool.
Note: Uncheck the box Clear data before copy if you do not want to erase your data during the transferring.
Once subscribed on TransPhone, you would receive the free Newsletter once a week about the newly released products, new features of latest version as well as other interesting offers from TransPhone or its partners.
Please tick the option below the saving location to automatic open the output files after finishing recovery.
The reasons might be  the previous backup process wasn’t fully successful, so the iTunes backup is corrupted.
So remember not to backup or sync your device manually once you find your data has been deleted or damaged. But later I want to use a photo from it but I cannot view those backed up photos and videos. It gives all the features which you want and doesn’t give the features which you don’t want.
With it, you can copy your contacts without using tricky tool and following difficult steps.
In addition, iTunes should be installed on the computer to make sure Phone Transfer works well. Now I’ll introduce two solutions to recover deleted iPhone data from iTunes backup with ease.

With the powerful iTunes backup extractor, you can preview the specific files and selectively output them to the computer.
See Leawo iOS Data Recovery User Guide to restore iPhone successfully, it won’t let you down.
Sign in with your Apple ID and password, then choose one iCloud backup file which contains your deleted photos to download.
Therefore, you need to find a way to transfer all the important contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone. What's more, with this mighty tool, you can also transfer contacts to other mobile platform. Choose BlackBerry backup file, all the backup files you have ever made with BlackBerry Desktop Software will be listed out.
You can transfer not only contacts, but also music, SMS, photos between different mobile devices as well.
I use Titanium Backup android app backup LINE chat history on my HTC One V android phone unfortunately chat history all gone after restore stock ROM with RUU software as LINE app request to login again, then i decide to learn how to back up and restore LINE chat history manually.LINE is using sqlite as database.

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