Final Fantasy VII active conspiracy is managed by some of the greatest works of science-fiction film and literature.
The story takes off in the futuristic metropolis of Midgar, where our heroine Cloud Strife. As a defiant and proud tomboy, she desires to restore her homeland Wutai to the glorious nation, it was before being defeated by Shinra. While we may not agree on the exact rankings, there’s no doubt you have good taste, Darius. While Tifa has got some world class assets, I’m still seeing the pixelated VII Tifa over the movie remake version.
With lots of promotions already surrounding the game, Sony further advanced it with commercial spots that resembled movie trailers, appealing to magnify the wholeness of video games up to a status equal with more established media like film and television. He is a soldier turned mercenary with a BFS, joins the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE alongside his old friend Tifa Lockhart and resident Scary Black Man with a machine gun for a hand, Barret Wallace.
Soon after, Shinra tries to crush the group by destroying an entire sector of the city slums, and kidnap Aerith, with Shinra believing her to be the last of The Ancients and hoping to experiment on her. Now working as a mercenary- for- hire, he takes a job with the anti-Shinra organisation AVALANCHE to bring down his old employers. He is a former member of the Turks with a mysterious past that ties him to Cloud and his group. Despite her sometimes obnoxious personality, she is friendly, helpful, and willingly helps the party in their battles.

We’ve selected Tifa Lockhart (of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts II) as the #1 hottest female video game girl of all time.
He grew up playing Atari and arcade games in the 1980s and collects vintage arcade cabinets and pinball machines in his basement near Seattle, Washington. If you were to be truthfully honest, most men here would admit that they had a crush on some kind of anime or cartoon character when they were a kid. It could be that they're functional, or customizable, or that they just look freaking cool. It'll also cost you your soul and damn you into being the vessel for the Lich King, so you might want to put a little thought into things before picking it up. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Together they fight against the evil Mega Corp Shinra Company, who provided power to the citizens of Midgar by essentially sucking the life force straight from the planet itself, using their power to get rid of anyone in their way. Actually, a low-level Mook whose failures to qualify for SOLDIER left him with severe self-confidence issues.
Though she realizes that, something is very wrong with Cloud's memories, her indecisiveness prevents her from saying anything until it's too late. It is a sign of ignorance and insecurity when one has to take the time to speak out against something that really shouldn’t matter.
To help answer this eternal question we've hit the books to examine the best that video game weaponry has to offer, and came up with a list of the 10 Best Video Game Swords.

Escaping the city with the knowledge that Sephiroth is out there somewhere, Cloud, and company set off on a journey around the world to find him.
He then gets put through so much mind-scrambling experimentation that he confuses his own memories and achievements with those of his best friend Zack Fair. She vows not to let the same thing happen again, gaining the strength to help Cloud rebuild his persona. Her independent nature leads to disaster when she decides to take the burden of defeating Sephiroth all by herself, abandoning the party and traveling to the City of the Ancients alone. After the truth is revealed, he suffers a Heroic BSOD, but thanks to a Journey to the Center of the Mind, he comes to terms with who he is and rebuilds his persona from the ground up. Not only is she a physically and emotionally strong, independent, bright, and always optimistic, but look at her.
There are many anime girls that if they were real, i would likely facewall from staring at them. What you like and choose is your ordeal, but dont be a close minded and ignorant asshole to others just because you don’t like something.

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