Backing up multiple devices or maybe you want to keep a copy of your Camera Roll and the tons of videos that come with and, and you're wondering how to buy more iCloud storage to contain it all? If you plan to use these features, you will almost certainly need more storage on your iCloud account than the initial 5 free GB.
Since upgrading your iCloud storage is not free, therefore you’ll be required to have a credit card associated with your Apple ID.
If, for some reason, you want to downgrade your current iCloud plan, then you can do so by following the above steps again.
We highly recommend that you invest in some iCloud storage space especially if you tend to backup your photos and videos a lot. You should now be good to go with even more storage to back up all of your content to iCloud. Has any one noticed iCloud email is not pushing and there is serious problem with its reliability.
The secondhand market for used iPhones and iPads is hot, and unfortunately so are some the devices being sold on it. Of course, it can't stop thieves who have unwittingly stolen Activation Lock protected iPhones and iPads from trying to pawn them off anyway.

Unfortunately, the Activation Lock Status checker currently only works on the web, and only on a desktop browser.
Once you select one, you will be billed for that year; although Apple will offer refunds within 15 days or purchase. Select the iCloud storage plan you want to upgrade to, enter your Apple ID password when prompted for it and you’re good to go.
The downgrade will happen once the billing month is complete, which will in turn give you ample time to move your stuff offline if you want to.
Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. While you can turn off some individual things, like Camera Roll backups, to save space, if you're backing up multiple devices or lots of data, you might still need more. And if you think you've purchased too much storage you can always go back in and downgrade your storage whenever you like. That means you can check an IMEI or serial number emailed or texted to you, if you think you can trust it, or you can bring a laptop with you to an in-person sale, but you can't yet just read it off and plug it into your iPhone or iPad to check.
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The theory is, if the device can't be used, it becomes little more than a glass and aluminum paper weight, it's value drops, and so people are less likely to steal them.
I occasionally buy second hand iPhones to use for a back up and usually use swappa to verify the imei is clean and not on a installment plan, but being able use this new tool is awesome. Whilegives you a free 5GB to start you off, you may find that you need more space than that.
All paid MobileMe users were given an additional 20GB storage plan for free for their first year.
If you find that you will require more space to backup your content you can upgrade right from your iOS device. But if you feel the need to upgrade from the free 5GB everyone will get, you can do so here.

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