Sports Collectors DailySports collecting news - Sports cards and sports memorabilia industry news. With this, I’m beginning to wonder if the whole thing might result in shows making a bit of a comeback. I will say there are a couple of newer promoters to the hobby in the Dallas area that have contracted with a local hotel in Allen, Tex., to have a show there the third Saturday of each month. Another reason I like shows so much is because they are where I met and hung out with many hobbyists with whom I have forged long-term relationships. I wrote about the now late (that is hard for me to comprehend) Tim Turner a couple of times in the past week. Both Doak and myself agreed that since Tim provided the tickets and there was no cost to us, that we would make sure he kept the Martinez bobble head as our thanks for his picking up the tickets.
May we say another ‘cool beans’ in Tim’s honor and also hope that this PayPal 1099 decision helps bring back shows so we can continue to forge more interpersonal relationships in the hobby. Bid Today in the Steiner Sports August 17th Mid-Summer Games AuctionConsignment Deadline of August 25th for Sterling Sports Auctions #55Steve Novella Offers 4 Different 1950’s Topps Baseball PSA Set Breaks Ending Aug 16, Aug. If you file a federal tax return as an “individual” and your income is more than $25,000, you have to pay taxes.
Ok, so if your filing a joint return and 2010 was your first year of receiving ssdi, and your spouse has an income greater than $32,000 how is the ssdi taxed? TweetYou’re short on cash or just can’t wait to purchase a product you’ve wanted for a long time or pay down some debt and you just received you last paycheck for the year.
Your employer is required to give you your W-2 by January 31st, that’s only 4 weeks later if you decided to do your taxes on the earliest possible date (January 1st) based on the last pay stub.
Even though you are required to file your taxes with a W-2 form that’s not always possible. Before you even get started with Form 4852 you have to make an effort to try to obtain a copy of your W-2.

I do understand that collectors like the convenience of PayPal but how many people are going to start saying ‘how about sending me a check or a money order instead’ or even saving their inventory for a local show where cash is king. The room they have can only fit 10 or 12 tables and one month I will set up there so we can have another show report like we did when my local store (Triple Cards in Plano, TX) had a show in his shop last year. When I ramble about meeting so and so, those ramblings are usually based on face to face meetings.
Tim is the perfect example of someone who I had traded with before I met him but having met him in the 1980’s helped solidify our relationship. Tim, frankly, would not have cared if we had kept the bobblehead, he was just happy to share himself with his friends. People choose to use forums like this because in most cases the question(s) elicits other insightful information other than what the run of the mil IRS publication would provide.
The sooner you file your tax returns, the sooner you can expect your return and put that money to work. It’s understandable that sometimes money is tight and necessary immediately but I suggest having a plan B for those circumstances and not considering the idea of using your pay stub as a basis for filing your taxes.
Let’s now consider a plausible scenario, one where you lost or never received your W-2 form. You can also contact the IRS (after February 14th) and they will get in touch with your employer for you.
Perhaps all of it can be found on the pay stub or similar statement, but in case some of it is not available, you either have to estimate or try to retrieve it contacting the accounting department of your employer.
Sometimes letters get lost in the mail but eventually make their way to the final recipient. One other advantage is that the customers who come to that show will be bringing cash with them. Chatting with dealers either at their table or in a store situation gives one some time to really dig in and enjoy our mutual shared hobby.

At the Cleveland National a couple of years ago, he had purchased tickets to an Indians game because that was the night they were giving out Victor Martinez bobblehead dolls. There’s only one problem, once your employer starts preparing W-2s there might still be some adjustments and it’s quite possible that information on your last pay stub will not match what’s on your W-2 (also potential accounting error on a pay stub can be later corrected for W-2; distribution of retirement contributions might not be clear or included at all on the pay stub). Your employer sends the same information to the IRS, therefore it can be easily compared and verified. Considering the fact that the IRS has a special form just for that purpose makes me believe it happens plenty often.
This is not only because you have to explain your efforts to get it on Form 4852 but also because it is your responsibility to fill out the form correctly.
In case you received your W-2 after you had filed the tax returns, you have to file a Form 1040X. The promoters have already changed the show to a free admission event so there is no charge to even walk in the door. No matter how much you want to get the tax returns out of your way, the IRS still favors information on the W-2. In case of any discrepancies, the IRS might put your return on hold and request explanation and perhaps amendments to your return. While all attempts are made to present accurate information, it may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances.
Once that happens it is hard to estimate how long it might take before the IRS releases your refund, but I would guess that much longer than the 4 weeks had you waited for your W-2. Individual Income Tax Return is a required document by the IRS in case you discover that discrepancies exist between the W-2 you received and Form 4852 you filed.

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