An ssa-1099 is a tax form we mail each year in january to people who receive this information will be reported on form ssa-1099 social security and taxes 2015 .. Get a replacement form ssa-1099 or ssa-1042s for the tax income tax rules for social security benefits during 2015 was your social security or the. An ssa-1099 is a tax form we mail each year in january to people who receive social security benefits.. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
At Makara and Associates, we offer a FREE eBook: “Independent Contractor Taxes…Know Your Options”, found in our online library on our website. When you work with the staff at Makara and Associates, you work with a team that is committed to education and providing quality services to each of our clients based on our knowledge and specialization in all the services we offer. This information is based on facts, assumptions and representations as stated and authorities that are subject to change. LEGAL NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The information within this blog is for informational and educational purposes only and is not tax advice and should not be used as such. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
As the April 15 date draws near and I collect all my paper forms and internet research to once again go solo on my taxes, I thought I might as well share some of the information I’ve gathered over the years. If you are self-employed and you pay for your own health insurance, then you can deduct the full cost of your health insurance premiums on your Form 1040 as a personal deduction.
The IRS prefers you figure the total estimated tax for the entire year, divide it by four and send in equal payments according to the schedule.
Second, I hope everyone is clear that the $250 Educator Deduction is only if you paid $250 or more for teacher supplies.

Third, and perhaps most important, though your return mays technically be correct, you didn’t mention ways to possibly reduce your taxes. Engineering, science, (pretty clean) jokes, Engineering, science, and other (pretty clean) and present it next month at our annual light "here's some of the hardware humor i've had mailed to me since. When Will The 2014 Annual Social Security Statments Be Mailed, After bankruptcy pay mortgage, After bankruptcy what if i don’t pay my second mortgage? Class action litigation information is a the loans referenced had minimum annual percentage alleging materially false and misleading statments about the. Receiving a 1099 for income paid to you means it is time for you to review your options as an independent contractor.
This is especially true if you find out you owe a large amount of money for taxes that you didn’t plan for. It’s a quick download and reviews the six things you should be aware of as an independent contractor, which I have also discussed in my previous series of blog posts. Plan for your estimated taxes that are due on a quarterly basis, and know what else you need to withhold.
Don’t become one of the taxpayers who are shocked when instead of receiving a tax refund they find out they owe a considerable amount of money. Contact us online or call our Naples Office at (239) 384-9688 or our Fort Myers Office at (239) 768-5008. We will not update this information for subsequent legislative or administrative changes of future judicial interpretations. The facts of each individual situation can have significantly different outcomes when applying tax law. Though every year I have a mixture of W-2s and 1099-MISC from consulting work, I still stubbornly refuse to pay an accountant to do my taxes for me.

I keep an Excel document with columns for the most common expense categories, and use my bank statements to categorize my expenses as I go along.
If you are paying for your own health insurance, you can deduct what you pay for health insurance.
In order to deduct your health insurance expenses, you must have a net profit from your business. Then they charge you to file a 1040X, which is an amendment to your already submitted taxes.
There’s a work sheet with the Form 1040-ES package or as part of your tax software to do it… If you end up owing $1,000 or more in April, you might have underpaid your tax bill. The key is to understand what taxes you are responsible for and what tax forms you need to file. I recommend this because they take you through every form you need to fill out by asking a series of questions, and since I’m not doing anything super complicated with my taxes, it’s good enough for me! So when I pay my yearly fee for my website hosting, for example, I enter that under Advertising with the date of purchase and amount.
I haven’t gotten around to calculating that yet, but I still have time before April 15.
You can use one of these companies to pay your estimated taxes same-day, but they charge a small fee.
All you do is answer yes to the questions that apply to you and it will pull up windows where you can enter the information on your 1099-MISC and W-2 — it fills out your tax forms as you go.

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