Pay 1099 contractors, 1099 employees, utility companies, tax agencies, suppliers and any other type of payee or vendor. The Vendor and 1099 Center is an optional feature which you can purchase on top of Payroll Mate Payroll Software. The tax forms filing wizard provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and file each form according to IRS regulations.
The Vendor and 1099 Center is simple, easy to use, a pleasure to operate and saves you precious time and money. The Vendor and 1099 Payroll Center provides comprehensive reports with flexible filtering capabilities. A 1099 vendor is an individual or business who performs work for you but is not an employee of your company. Pay any type of contractor or vendor (such as an attorney, doctor, independent contractor, landlord or director).

Seamless part of Payroll Mate Payroll Software (manage contractors and employees in one place).
Stub samples pay stub generator paystub creator, This sample paycheck stub generator tool creates sample payroll stubs instantly. Email pay stubs quickbooks desktop - intuit payroll, Passwords are composed of: the first 4 characters of the employee's last name.
Pay period ytd use pay period ytd for employees that haven't worked the entire year, applicable if started after jan 1st of the pay stub year.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Print all 1099 copies on regular paper except for Copy A which the software prints on pre-printed forms.
Print Your First Vendor Check within Minutes of Installing the Software..That's Easy 1099 Payroll !

This powerful module makes paying 1099 contractors , 1099 employees and vendors so very easy you will wonder how you managed without it. For example the "Check Register" report shows a list of all the checks that were created for all the vendors and contractors managed by the software.
The report can be customized based on the date range of checks and the list of vendors to be included.
Users can either review the report in the preview window, save it to an electronic file format such as PDF or simply print it out.

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