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Before upgrading to iCloud Drive, bear in mind that it will migrate your file system to a new structure. By a quick look at the comments below, I quickly realized that there was some confusion going on in terms of what iCloud Drive is, and what it isn't.
When you upgrade to iOS initially, you should be prompted on whether or not you'd like to upgrade to iCloud Drive. You may receive a popup warning if you have other iOS and OS X devices that aren't currently using iCloud Drive. One of the best features of iCloud Drive is how it works in conjunction with OS X and Windows.
It may take some time for developers to hook iCloud Drive support into their apps, so watch for updates that offer it. Windows is the most popular desktop operating system in the world, which means that there are no doubts lots and lots of people who use both Windows 10 on a PC and an iPhone or iPad.
In this guide we're specifically looking at how to get your photos from your iPhone or iPad over to your Windows 10 computer.
After you've clicked on that the stock Photos app for Windows 10 will open and you'll see the message shown here. If you don't want to do a blanket import (or, even if you do) there's File Explorer at your disposal.
You can either open File Explorer and find your iPhone listed under "Devices and drives" or by clicking "Transfer other files" in the Phone Companion app.
The great thing about Windows 10 is that there will be a solution for most people even if Microsoft isn't the direct supplier of it. What's also great about each of these services is that your photos can upload to the cloud in the background and then, providing you're syncing those folders to your PC, they'll just appear.

For Dropbox and OneDrive, first go into the Settings in the iOS apps and ensure you have camera backup turned on to take advantage of this.
For the full details on how to use iCloud Photos on Windows 10, check out our comprehensive guide at the link below. To get your photos from OneDrive onto your Windows 10 device you'll first need to tell it to sync the right folder. Unlike OneDrive and like iCloud, Dropbox needs to be installed onto your Windows 10 device. For a full guide on how to get set up and syncing your Dropbox folders check out the link below. Those are a few of the more common methods to get your treasured snaps from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows 10 PC.
Any devices running unsupported versions of iOS and OS X will not allow you to access anything stored in Drive. If you said yes, you don't need to do anything further and can continue to the next section.
Dump any documents you want into iCloud Drive and they'll instantly be available to any app that supports them on iOS, and vice versa. And as always, if you find any that do support it already, be sure to let us know in the comments! Today's Microsoft is accommodating to most platforms, so regardless of your preference, they've got solutions for you.
Much of it is geared at helping Windows users on iPhone, iPad or Android find their way with Microsoft services on each respective platform.
Unlike with Android phones, for example, the iPhone doesn't allow you to access anything but your photos through File Explorer. If you don't want to do it this way you can manually upload your photos to your cloud accounts and still get them on your computer with these easy steps.
How to sync OneDrive folders in Windows 10 isn't immediately obvious, but fortunately we've got a full guide on how to do just that.
We're not talking about the Store app, either, but the desktop sync app that you can download directly from Dropbox.

If you've got any tips or tricks we didn't mention be sure to jump into the comments below and share them with everyone! Subscriptions range from free all the way to $19.99 a month, depending on your storage needs. As long as you're signed into your iCloud Drive account, any apps that support iCloud Drive will give you options to open and save documents to it.
What the Phone Companion app can also do is help you to quickly import your entire photo library from your phone to your computer.
When it opens you'll see the screen above, with some Microsoft apps and services above some information about your phone. Once you've clicked on your iPhone you'll see the "DCIM" folder that houses all your photos.
OneDrive is baked into Windows 10 but you can just as easily use other alternatives, like Dropbox, or Apple's own iCloud, for example.
If you aren't sure where to start, we can walk you through the set up process and how to start using iCloud Drive!
So if you depend on cross-platform file sharing between iOS and your Mac and you haven't updated to Yosemite yet, iCloud Drive may not be for you. Or if you already are paying for an iCloud subscription, you can change it to best fit your current needs. In the example above, you can see that not only can you choose to save documents and files to iCloud Drive from Scanner Pro, you can also navigate through folders and choose where you'd like to save them. For what we want here you'll need to seek out the "Import photos and videos into the Photos app" option highlighted. We'll focus on these for the purposes of this guide, but many of the same steps may apply to your chosen cloud service.

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