After a few seconds all of your contacts will appear in the My Contacts list in Google Contacts. Thankfully both Apple and Google support the vCard standard for contacts which makes it incredibly easy to move from one ecosystem to another.
My iPhone was shut off before I was able to transfer contacts and every other method required me to be able to use email, I was beginning to think I would have to manually re-enter 250+ contacts and then I found this. As long as you see imported contacts in your gmail account after import, you are good enough to see them in your android if you use same account.
By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. NOTE: If you experience trouble connecting your iCloud account, please read this troubleshooting article. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. In order to be able to move contacts between cloud accounts, you would first need to connect each cloud account to CopyTrans Contacts. NOTE: If you experience trouble connecting a cloud account, please check this troubleshooting article for iCloud and this article for Gmail.

The two local contacts are now transferred to the iCloud account and removed from the phone memory. NOTE: if you use the “Copy to…” feature instead, CopyTrans Contacts will essentially create a copy of the selected contacts to the cloud account of your choice and keep the original contact entries. You can use the method described above to transfer contacts between any two cloud accounts or the local iPhone memory. CopyTrans Contacts provides a single integrated solution to transferring iPhone contacts between multiple cloud accounts at the click of a button. Maybe you were expecting more out of the new iPhone and now wish you could switch to Android? The next time an Android phone or tablet is connected to the Google account, all of the contacts on this list will sync to the device. Also, doing it yourself can save you a transfer fee at a local cell phone retailer, as some have been known to charge.
After my iphone got stolen, I couldn’t find a post which talked about transferring contacts without using iphone.
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This means that you can easily copy local iPhone contacts to a cloud account as well as transfer contacts from one cloud account to the next (i.e. Part of making the switch to Android is making sure all of your contacts arrive in one piece. They are supposed to sync with my gmail accounts and they do IF I add them in Gmail, they will show up in my iCloud and on my phone but not in reverse, so any new contacts I add to my phone do not sync to my Gmail contacts. It is extremely easy to move your contacts from iCloud to Google Contacts so that they appear on your shiny new Android phone the moment you log in.
You can do all this in a few clicks via using CopyTrans Contacts’ simple and integrated interface.

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