The lowest hanging iCloud storage fruit ripe for pruning can be found in Mail and you can liberate a lot of space by deleting everything from your Junk and Trash folders — Go to Mail and click Trash in the left sidebar, press Command + A (Select All) and then hit Delete. Going forward, you can limit how much Junk and Trash cruft accumulates on iCloud by automatically deleting items after a set period of time — I’ve configured Mail to automatically delete Junk and Trash items on iCloud after one month.
If for some reason you feel a need to back up Trash and Junk, you can store it on your Mac. So there’s your quick rundown of working with iCloud storage and backup on the iPad – hope it is helpful. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. The quickest solution is to back up to a location with enough free space like a drive on your PC, an external hard disk or even a USB drive.
Now that you safely backed up iPhone to your PC, it’s time to get rid of the iCloud popup message. When you disable a backup element, the information from that element is immediately deleted from your iCloud storage. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Apple has a 5GB limit for iCloud backup, but it is shared across all devices using your Apple ID.
Note that this removes all of the files you have created in the app, so you should use it with caution. If you look to the right Next Backup Sized you should see how much space your device and its apps will take up on iCloud, in our case 9.8GB.

Look under each app under Backup Options to see how much space, in MB or GB it is taking up. You now find that you can backup both of your devices, although not all of the content on both of them. If you have run out of iCloud storage for backups of either your Mac or iOS stuff, you can now easily manage existing backups and data for all devices right on your Mac from OS X. The same iCloud manager also lets you view and delete individual files from apps that are iCloud enabled.
In Mail, right click (two-finger tap) on Junk (or Trash), select Get Account Info and then Mailbox Behaviors. Then click the Summary tab and then under Backups > Automatically Back Up, select This Computer and then Back Up Now to seal the deal. Backups shows you a list of all the iCloud backups of your iOS devices, with each one listed by device name and also showing the size of the backup. This article explains how to back up iPhone without subscribing for paid extra iCloud storage.
To reduce the total footprint of your iPhone backup in iCloud, you can alternatively remove some photos and videos from your Camera Roll.
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This tutorial shows you you to manage your iCloud backup settings so you can stick within the 5GB limit but still backup both your devices. If you are unwilling to remove items from your backup to fit in the 5GB limit, you should tap on Buy More Storage and get more storage space from Apple.

I was downloading Facebook messenger it stop and give me message saying insufficient space.
Everything in iCloud will be found here, whether it’s from Mac OS X or iOS, apps, files, manual backups, games, or whatever else is stashed online with the service. The free option provides 5GB, which is nice but realistically too small for more than one iOS device and Mac to share.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you have more, you need to manage your iCloud storage by backing up needed data and deleting the rest. You can see not only your overall usage (bottom of the above window), but also how much space each app is using by clicking on its icon. My listing above shows me that I’ve probably got a few I can safely get rid of – one for my first iPad mini which had a fault which caused me to return it and a couple for when testing on my iPad 3, for example. This way you don’t have to immediately decide what information to delete to free up iCloud space and can still back up the iPhone on the spot. If you want to delete files from an app individually open the App and manage the files from within it.

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