The ability to have an off-site backup system that’s readily available on any of your devices is really an interesting and useful option. The company is working hard at a new version of firmware that will make its NAS units do all if not more than Google’s Drive or DropBOX is able to do.
The service will allow the user to set up different devices linked with backup folders on Netgear NAS hardware. Netgear intends to update several of its NAS units with the new firmware and we know for certain that the first two will reportedly be ReadyNAS DUO v2 and ReadyNAS NV+ v2.
The new firmware is not something entirely different than what Netgear was working with up until now.
In fact, the new firmware will expand the ReadyNAS Remote feature already available on the standalone network-attached storage units from the company. The new feature will be called RedyDROP and it uses VPN connections complete with encryption and the necessary security to help you access you backup directory from any device located anywhere in the world. This is a whole lot safe and quite a bit more private than having your files on a publicly available service where any interested state organization can simply ask the provider for complete access, if they don’t have it already. All privacy issues and debatable advantages aside, Netgear’s new firmware offers you much more storage space than DropBOX is offering with no monthly fee. Moreover, if you ever want to duplicate your data, you won’t have to wait for it to be transferred from the server as you can directly access the HDDs in your own NAS and do a direct drive to drive copy.

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So I wanted to make an OTA download for my app backups, but I couldn't find a good tutorial on how to do it. There's a version in Mobihand, this is an older version but it works better for this (the newer version makes it so you have to use the app to install stuff, the old version here creates a working jad to upload to your dropbox.
Full disclosure: That link will give me (and you ) an extra 250 mbs in addition to the free 2gb.
This is what it looks like in Linux, it'll look slightly different in windows but the basics are the same. Could some-one please make secondtab ( a free dl at app world) available for us who cannot get to app world. Reply SCrid2000 Posts 10,624 Posts Global Posts 10,638 Global Posts PIN PM me. I think this should be in the How to but maybe add the complete process of making a jad out of the cod files? But after some messing around, I realized it's super easy, so here's the instructions on how to do it. I've heard that you need a script or something before but this worked perfectly and easily for me.

Please don't share OTA links for paid apps with other people, if devs don't make money they'll stop developing apps for BlackBerry, and none of us want that.
This can be done by extracting them from your BlackBerry with BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) or by downloading them with the BBTweaks tool (BBHybrids Tool (Public Version) - Downloads - BBHybrids Forums). These instructions are intended for people to create OTA backups for apps they own or apps they create for public use.
My instructions here are also going to be assuming you're using the program, so you'll have to figure some stuff out on your own if you don't.
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