This is a white cloud in transparent png format, and it’s in front of a white web background. This clipart cloud is free to use, just like the rest of them, and it has a black outline with dark underside.
Have you ever seen those cool collages that are constructed from hundreds or thousands of individual photos?
Using your own personal images, the software will automatically place them into any shape you want. Well, a free piece of software called Shape Collage will allow you to make your very own photo collage using your own images as the building blocks.

You can make your photo collage into a wide number of different shapes (check out a sampling here) – either pre-set shapes in the program or ones you hand draw yourself in the program using your mouse. From there, you can do anything with it – print it out, use it for a mug or greeting card, calendar or poster.
He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer. Shape Collage lets you adjust the collage size, the size of the individual photos, the number of photos you want in there and the amount of space between them. If you want to make more fine-grained edits, you can save the collage as a PSD file so you can edit it some more in Adobe Photoshop.

There’s also a free Facebook application so you can post your finished collages on the social networking site.

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