We snagged a deal at the drugstore on Ivory soap the other day, and as I was standing at the cash register I suddenly remembered a kid-friendly science experiment I’d seen around the interwebs lately: DIY soap clouds!
This is fun experiment for tweens (and parents!) but I think this would be a great sensory experience for toddlers as well. After you’re done crumbling, squishing, and mixing the whole mess with water, chuck the whole thing in the garbage. WARNING: some of the soap dried on the inside of our microwave and I only discovered it the next morning when, bleary eyed, I attempted to heat up some milk for my coffee. For more fun science experiments, check out these three fun activities in our DIY Science Camp! Turn the lid of the jar upside down and use it as a small container to put a few cubes of ice into.
When the water vapour cooled, it wanted to turn back into liquid, but it needed to condense onto a surface. The cloud swirled inside the jar due to the circulation of warm air rising and cold air sinking. These seasonal activities and experiments will entertain you and the kids when the festive lull hits. Reassemble a chicken skeleton from the bones remaining after a chicken dinner, maybe even try it with a turkey. Maybe don’t try this at home on the same scale as the video but why not try a combination of Diet Coke and Mentos for a fun fizzling eruption. They’ve provided videos and easy-to-follow instructions so you can find out how science and engineering plays a part in Christmas festivities using nothing more than wrapping paper tubes, sweet wrappers, unwanted Brussels sprouts and other festive leftovers!

This Christmas cover your frosted garden in brightly colored orbs of ice, just follow this super simple step by step guide. As the Managing Director of TXM Recruit, Andrew over sees all top level activities to expand the company’s growth. We are studying weather in my classroom right now and my own kids get to be the guinea pigs for all activities that I am not certain will go smoothly with my preschool class. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. It required a bit of scrubbing, but coffee-deprivation aside, I think it was still worth it. She’s a freelance writer who is often found with camera in hand or scribbling madly in her notebook.
The aerosol provided cloud condensation nuclei: a surface for the water vapour to condense into tiny cloud droplets.
Kids can construct, play and learn, all while studying the fundamentals of science and engineering. Make sure to clean and dry the bones first, then if doing with children, an adult will need to glue them together. You can use up old bits of wrapping paper or even recycle wrapping paper on the day itself to put all their new toys in. In the video it suggests you use Kool Aid to colour the water, but food coloring and ordinary Ribena or squash is sure to suffice. With a recruitment career spanning over 20 years, Andrew is well placed to develop strategic relationships within the engineering and recruitment sectors, identifying and fulfilling the business needs of TXM clients.

In my view it is important that the philosophy comes from the top and I’m pleased that we have such an open, friendly and highly productive environment which centres on this ethos and delivers for both clients and candidates and each other. I posted this Instagram of our first attempt and immediately people were asking for more information. You will need a glass jar with a lid ( although a snug dish will work), hot water ( boiling works even better), an aerosol spray ( we used hairspray), and ice cubes.
Je reste avec mes enfants tout A  l heure et je vais suivre tes aventures avec attention et bonheur !!! She is passionate about arts and culture, travel and healthy living, and gets an extra big thrill out of helping parents and kids discover all the hidden treasures Ottawa has to offer. I asked my kids to help me re-do the experiment with step by step photos so we did a little more kitchen science to show you how to make a cloud in a jar. If you have a child capable of handling boiling water a pyrex measuring cup is great to have on hand as well. You can follow her adventures on her blog, a peek inside the fishbowl, where she’s been writing about family life since 1999. A couple of years ago when my daughter was about 2, we made up a song about clouds that we saw in the sky and read the book: Little Cloud by Eric Carle.

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