There are plenty a project in The Liberty book of Simple Sewing, if you already have it and have made all the projects we also have our first book  The Liberty Book of Home Sewing if you are looking to brighten up your home. All you need is one metre or less of medium-weight cotton fabric in your favourite print to make a cute cumulus-shaped cushion. Press back the 1cm seam allowance along the bottom edge, then turn the cover right side out through the opening. Blow-up the balloons then arrange and tape them according to the shape of cloud you want to imitate.
To maintain a consistent width, you should line the edge of the fabric up with the 15mm mark on the footplate as you sew.

Cut to within 2mm of the stitch line and space the notches about 4cm apart; closer together on the tighter curves.
Ease out the curved seams, then press the cover, pulling gently on the inward points to allow the fabric to stretch.
Keep a continuous stream of stuffing going into the cushion and push it right up into each curve; do not break the stuffing off in clumps as the cushion can become oddly lumpy. You can make this dream into reality by hanging clouds on their ceilings and let their imagination work.
Start at the left edge of the gap and reinforce both ends of the seam with a few reverse stitches.

Mould the finished cushion with your hands to distribute the filling evenly within the cover.

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