Here’s my story of how I discovered a simple, common weed can be used to make coffee from chicory! For several years, I’ve noticed a beautiful blue wildflower lining the road during the summer. To my surprise, I found out it was chicory. I  remembered hearing that it can be used to make a beverage similar to coffee, but wanted to learn more about it.
According to Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants & Herbs, the root can be mixed with water to make a diuretic or laxative. It’s had been dry for the last week and we have a lot of clay soil, so I went and got a shovel. I soaked them for a short time, then scrubbed the roots clean, and chopped off the rest of the plant.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. Hi Survival Mom, as a kid growing up in the 60’s i remember some of the coffee bought in the stores had chicory in it, Adding some home made chicory would be a great way to stretch the coffee stores you have. I think Chicory would grow in a garden, but I’ve only seen it growing in the harshest conditions. August 2, 2016 By Angie Holden 6 Comments Share with your friends!A DIY burlap aisle runner is easier to make then you might think. Links may be affiliate links which means you do not pay anymore but a portion of your purchase will go to support this site.
Was looking at burlap you got, looks like better quality burlap than buying at JoAnns or Hobby Lobby, nice clean edges so it won’t keep raveling.
Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens – Red and gold Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens with a fine or medium tip. Use a red oil based Sharpie paint pen to make a dotted line around the edge of the heart on the mug.
Allow the paint to dry for at 10 minutes then carefully remove the heart-shaped contact paper (save it for the next mug). Add a heart to the opposite side of the mug by reattached the contact paper and adding dots. Use a gold oil based Sharpie paint pen to make random dots around the edge of the heart that is on the mug.
Allow the paint to dry for at least 10 minutes then carefully add dots to the handle of the mug.

Add a heart to the opposite side of the mug by re-positioning the contact paper heart and dotting around it again.
When the hearts are finished use the pen to randomly place dots in any empty spaces and around the bottom of the mug. Don’t worry about perfection when painting, mistakes can be removed using vodka or rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Please be aware: I mask the top edge of the mug with painters tape then turn it upside down before spraying with sealer. This adorable Love Letter Catch All Tray is a West Elm knock off made with a masking tape stencil and paint pens. Want more quick craft project with great results? Sign up for my free newsletter and never miss a thing!
Omg cool I will definitely try that and give it as a gift where can u get those cups from??
Shannon, I have seen a few tutorials using regular sharpies however I have also heard that these tend to wash away after a few uses. Hello, trying this out, do we have to pre-heat oven prior to putting the cups in or do we just put in and turn on?
It starts out looking like a weed, but when it blooms, the flower is the color of a Tanzanite gemstone.
It’s used homeopathically for liver and gallbladder ailments, it can lower blood sugar, and has a slight sedative effect.
I checked on them after several seconds and found it was still too coarse, but once again, the smell was incredible.
I added 2 teaspoons into my coffee filter and add enough water to the pot for one cup of coffee.
Wipe the surface to be painted with rubbing alcohol or vodka to remove any fingerprints or oils. Place the center folded line of the heart along the edge of the handle and then adhere the rest of the heart to the mug as shown.
Make the dots denser at the edge of the heart and farther apart the farther you go from the stencil. The pattern should be dense on the side of the handle  closest to the heart and farther apart the further you go out.
This protects the rim of the mug and prevents your mouth from coming into contact with areas that have been painted or sprayed with sealer.

I’ve noticed that it also grows well along sidewalks, in gravel, or any other harsh environment you can think of. Chicory root extracts have been shown to be antibacterial, and its tinctures have an anti-inflammatory effect. The white underground leaves are great as a salad green in the spring, and the outer green leaves can be boiled for 5-10 minutes and eaten. Many broke off as I tried to pry them up with my shovel, but I got a decent sized batch quickly.
I think the blades created enough heat to warm the grounds and send the smell wafting up in the air. It tastes just like a strong black coffee (too much chicory?) but with a definite mocha, possibly caramel flavor. I did have to get a heavier chopping knife because some of the roots have a center that is like wood. So, I turned up the heat to 350 degrees, and about 20-30 minutes later, a wonderful smell came from the oven. By the way, in a power outage, a French Press is highly recommended for every coffee lover.
The leaves closest to the ground look exactly like dandelion. If you are looking for it on a sunny day, they are easy to see.
The root pieces were turning brown and smelled like chocolate, caramel and coffee, all in one. But, on an overcast day or late afternoon, the flowers close up, and it’s harder to spot.
Once I thought the chicory root was dark enough, I turned down the oven to 300 degrees, so it wouldn’t burn but just roast a little bit more. I would say the total time was about and hour and a half. I took the roasted root pieces out of the oven and let them cool to room temperature.

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