One of my favorite activities to do with kids is to make some homemade puffy paint using shaving cream and elmer’s glue! Have your kids make a juicy watermelon art project for summer time or a bunny peep for Easter!
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Take white paint and make three dots at one side of nail and connect them so that it forms a shape of cloud.
Take a piece of sponge, paint the colors: violet, blue, and green, yellow, red in a sequence so that it forms combination of a rainbow. Mani-pedi madness has hit these days thanks to the latest long lasting low dry time treatment.The last fad in nail fashion. So I think at one time or another all us Millennials had one of those large city skyline art pieces from Ikea hanging on our walls.
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and although I love me a great piece of chocolate my metabolism prefers Art! Puffy Paint, aka Shaving Cream Paint, Fluffy Paint, Cloud Paint, Snow Paint, etc., is a fun twist on traditional painting. LearnCreateLove and it's owner are not to be held liable if injury should occur while doing a craft, project, activity, etc. This craft is a fit for  a preschool or day care setting where it can easily be turned into a group activity. When I see my kid work on kids crafts like these I can personally see that it really develops patience, perseverance an  a sense of accomplishment. I gave her the glue and a brush and she painted the glue between the lines and stuck the chips. This rainbow craftwill work great as a collaborative activity in a group setting where in working on it aids in turn-taking, respecting others, communication and in general team-building.
She then used the cotton balls to make clouds and even colored a cloud blue with dot markers. It was such a cute and easy rainbow craft that my 4 yr old enjoyed making and is now a display piece that shes so proud to have created. Hi friends, we are very glad to have contributed to a resourceful new e-book. Do you have toddlers or babies in your life and feel coming up with baby activities is so challenging? The activities for babies and toddlers are explained very thoroughly with bright pictures and clear step-by-step instructions.
You will get exposed to 25 new blogs where the women behind the blogs share so many ideas for baby play, toddler play, preschooler play and up. There is a wide range of activities with classic baby play, sensory play, homemade toys and many learning activities. The Promote Control allows you to take as many bracketed shots as you like, with any Exposure Step you like. However small your budget is, I strongly recommend, that the first piece of photography software you buy is Lightroom.
My post-processing always start by making a number of candidates, which has got parts that I like.
The photo on the left is a -4 exposure, that I have raised 4 exposure steps, noise can be expected in such dark areas.
I have exported the 6 of the original bracketed exposures (I left out the brightest), which left me with 9 images (1 from Photomatix, 2 processed from Lightroom and 6 original unprocessed images). I order my layers, so that on top I have the one I like the most, which in this case is the 0-exposure I processed in Lightroom. My objective is now to mix my final image from these various images of the exact same scene. I select a soft edged pen, which makes the edges of where I paint merge softly between the two layers, and that gives a better result. My top layer is now the merged image and the second layer is now my tone mapped image from Photomatix.
So I add a Layer Mask to the top layer, but this time I don’t want the sky painted in as a 100%. The area around the sun is less saturated and I don’t want it as it looks here, but if I mix it with a 25% of this original shot and a 75% of my too orange image, I just might get a good balance. One problem I have to be aware of, is that this photo is unprocessed and the ground is close to black. Back in Lightroom I crop the photo slightly and straighten the horizon and turn the noise reduction up to 13, only to take the top of the noise, without loosing any details. In my mind there are three alternatives for this kind of processing, there are GIMP, Photoshop CS and Photoshop Elements.

The real drawback using GIMP is, that the plug-ins that I have for Photoshop, like Topaz Adjust, Nik Color Efex and OnOne doesn’t work directly from GIMP, but they work from Lightroom, and I could just use them from Lightroom. One last question you could ask is ‘is this really an HDR, because I threw away the Photomatix image’? Even though this HDR photo ended up, not using Photomatix, I strongly recommend that you get it, if you want to make HDR photos. The only thing that’s kind of a pain is getting all the separate images loaded as layers in a single image file. Excellent tutorial, you are a genius of photography … you take the time necessary to take photographs with precision, and then use the best of the two programs to give the subtlety of tone that gives us Lightroom and the plasticity of the GIMP. Jacob Surland is a Fine Art Photographer, riding on the edge of surrealism and believability.
About Jacob SurlandJacob Surland is a Fine Art Photographer, riding on the edge of surrealism and believability.
When it comes to renovating a kid's bedroom, some parents change the bed spread or paint the walls, but one Wisconsin dad turned his daughter's room into an entire Super Mario Bros.-themed world. Dustin Carpenter, 38, of Green Bay, Wis., spent weeks painting the walls of his 13-year-old daughter AJ's bedroom with her favorite Mario characters and scenes from the classic '80s Nintendo game series. While Mario, Bowser and the Gumba on the walls are vinyl decals, Carpenter said he hand-painted everything else, including Boo, the Piranha Plant, the clouds, the pipe and the bricks. The room also includes a flag pole, which pays homage to the triumphant moment in the game when Mario raises a flag after each level is completed, as well as Mario-themed bedding, blinds and character plush toys and pillows. And what helps make the room come alive are the various push buttons that play different sounds from the game, such as the "1 Up" sound and the "dum-dum-dum" when Mario goes down a green tube.
The buttons are similar to the noise makers found in greeting cards, he said, but the greeting card ones are light-activated, and his play tones with a push of a button. Carpenter declined to say how much the renovation cost, but said he bought the bedding at Bed, Bath and Beyond. This crafty dad certainly deserves a "1 Up" for his creative room design, and his daughter thinks so too. Then cut as shown with the dotted red line so one side is opened up, and the rest of the box stays in tact. Depending on how engaged the kids are, you can extend this activity and add lots of other details over days or weeks. Collect empty medicine boxes (like panadol boxes), cover in white paper and paint them to become 3D buildings. I love seeing all of the creative ways to make your own puffy paint and apply them to a art project.
Don't worry, we still provide the same great news and views on electronic cigarettes and our upcoming events. It is also a perfect fit into any rainbow themed birthday activity, which the kids can make for the birthday child as a keepsake from the party. I cut the paint cards into smaller chips and covered a cardboard with a white sheet to be our canvas. We spelled out the colors as we wrote them and sang our favorite rainbow song as we tried to remember the order.
We, in collaboration with other bloggers have put together a book with GREAT activities for babies and toddlers. My D800 was in for sensor cleaning, so I brought my Nikon D600 (you can get one from here Nikon D600 Digital Camera), which I love almost as much as I love my D800.
Not only does it organize your photos in a great way, but it is an extremely powerful photo processing tool.
If I paint something black on the Layer Mask, my top layer will become transparent where ever I paint. You won’t be able to tell exactly where one image starts and the other begins, because of the soft transition. Notice that the Layer Mask to the right of the top layer, has now got a black bar on the top.
I don’t want the ground to go black, so I have to be careful along the edge of the horizon. This makes the layer 25% transparent, and that gives just the perfect blend between the original unprocessed shot and the too orange image. The way the Heal brush works is, that you find somewhere to use as a reference area, and then press CTRL+left mouse on that area.
They all have a ton of features, however Photoshop Elements is a down scaled version of Photoshop CS and only has a subset of the features from the full CS version.
It seems like it doesn’t use the graphic accelerator chip on the video card to do calculations or at least not as well as Photoshop does. The more information you have (the more Dynamic Range), the better a result you usually get from tone mapping an image, but is tone mapping HDR then? If you use this coupon code “caughtinpixels” you get 15% discount, and you can Photomatix Pro here.

Look around for other tips and tricks on my blog, also about shooting HDR photos with your camera. His road in life is to be a photographic adventurer, exploring what is possible to do with a photograph.
The light switch - which is designed to look like the vintage Nintendo controller - plays the classic Super Mario Bros.
Carpenter, who has a full-time job at a telecommunications company, said he worked on the room "bit by bit," with a few hours at night during the week and then some on the weekends.
The push button equipment, character decals, pillows and plush toys he found on Amazon and eBay. Keep this in mind next time you have a big box lying around, or you can even ask places like Bunnings or The Good Guys if they have any boxes you can use. I do not have any nail art tool kits, nigher I am perfect at drawing, but willingness and efforts can do wonders !! I love it because it can be used on projects that are all white – polar bears, clouds, snowmen, and today ~ a ghost!
GIMP (download it from here) is a free alternative to Photoshop, and I figured, that I wanted to try it out to see if it was any good, and I must admit, that I was quite surprised. However, for once I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result I got from Photomatix, as you will see later.
This makes the top layer transparent in this area and you can see the sky from the second layer image.
If I should use any part of it, it is the sky, but it is too dramatic, and I like the soft tones from my Lightroom version better. What happens is, that when you start to paint anywhere, the reference area will be cloned in.
The very last step in GIMP is to export the image, so that I can get it back into Lightroom, where I keep my Portfolio. It is a bit unusual that I can’t use anything from my Photomatix version, but that happens. But I didn’t do any tone mapping for this image, which normally gives the HDR-look to an image.
Thanks for that info ?? GIMP really has a great way of loading images into GIMP as layers – a feature that Adobe easily could have replicated for Photoshop. AJ, who helped choose the characters she wanted, also pitched in with filling in some of the bricks, he said.
I was going to shoot into the sun, because it was sunset, so I knew that I was going to need more bracketed shots to cover the dynamic range. And as it turned out, this photo is done 95% from post processed photos I did in Lightroom.
Along with Clarity and Contrast adjustments, and a bit of White and Black point adjustments, you get this HDR’ish look to the image. This already improves the overall look of my photo, because the sun is not burned out as badly. It is rare that I don’t want anything from my Photomatix image, but in this case I just delete the layer.
There are several ways to fix this, but an easy one, which uses the same practice as when I merged in the sky, is to merge in a new area around the sun, from one the original unprocessed shots. That feature has been removed in Photoshop Elements, and for that reason alone, I don’t like to use Elements any more. If you strip my Photoshop (or GIMP for that matter) workflow down to bare processing technique, it’s always the same process I follow.
I tried shooting -3, 0 and +3, but too often the result is just not good enough, so I brought along my Promote Control (please use the link, if you are going to get one). I found GIMP surprisingly easy to use and I got an excellent result I can’t complain about. I have a master image in a layer, I then duplicate the layer, add some effect (sharpening, blurring, blend mode effects or other filter effect) to the lower version of the image. One of the reasons for that, is because of the Dynamic range of the D600 is incredible and only second to Nikon D800. If I was to choose between Elements and GIMP for the kind of processing I do, I would go with GIMP any day of the week. Add a layer mask to top layer and start to mask the effects in, to the agree I like to mix them with the master image.

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