Use wire or string to attach your rainbow to the stick. Put the rainbow into the solution making sure rainbow does not touch the bottom or sides. This would be a fun project to do in class or at home when teaching children the different colors in a rainbow, or around Saint Patricks Day. Borax occurs naturally in evaporate deposits produced by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. Subscribe to Billy Gorilly Podcast for KidsGet Billy Gorilly's Podcast for Kids at iTunes, it's Free! When you subscribe with iTunes you will automatically get new updates sent to your computer.

You may remember a post we did about Shamekh Bluwi, a Jordan-based architect and fashion illustrator who uses clouds, buildings, and whatever else he finds to decorate his cutout dresses.
Below is a selection of free backgrounds intended to be used in church worship services, as background images for projected song lyrics. Well now he's back with more exquisite patterns, and as you can see, his fashion designs are as imaginative as ever. Wanting to somehow incorporate his travel experiences into his fashion illustrations, he decided to capture the cities he visited by turning them into clothing designs. People often make the mistake of using backgrounds which have too much contrast, and the text becomes difficult to read.

By holding the cutout against various landscapes, Bluwi can use a single template to create an infinite number of patterns ranging from water and sky to buildings and doorways. As the water cools down the water molecules will start releasing the borax, and the crystals will begin to form.

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