This one was easy for me since I already had everything on hand and it is a quick project to put together last minute.  I guess my daughters friends are starting to expect to do fun stuff every time they come over now so I better start being more prepared!  This would be a great experiment to do with the kids on a rainy day, that way they can make their own rain inside. This is the same process that causes rain outside.  Warm air rises and meets the cooler air in the atmosphere and then condenses to form precipitation and then falls back to earth as rain.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. What causes rain?Water in lakes, oceans, and rivers evaporates and  becomes water vapor. Here’s another example from North Texas, and a picture of what these hole shaped distrails look like from below.
The distrails are caused by the sinking air that EVERY aircraft creates as a result of the creation of lift.
Sometimes a jet can clear the approach for the jet behind it by disturbing the air and pushing any cloud or fog out of the way as it descends on the approach and then goes missed. The crystals fall so as to form a horn-shaped surface with the first crystals falling from the centre at the bottom of a streak which widens upwards. The glaciation is thought to spread through a cloud by means of the small splinters of ice ejected from a droplet which has grown a shell of ice on its outside first and is then shattered when the water inside also freezes and expands. Another possibility is that the holes were started by crystals falling from isolated fall streaks above the layer. Interesting to picture all those frozen droplets freezing and exploding, shooting shards into other droplets, which makes them freeze. I think that may be the case in a few situations but I think the vast majority of distrails is simply the plane pushing the airmass down (and the cloud contained in that airmass) and reversing the process in which the cloud was made in the first place- like cloud degeneration.
That seems more like the cloud free air from above is simply pushing the cloud apart, rather than down. However, I think the satellite photos above actually show the same process as the last photo. I wonder, generally, what the “effective” range of an airplane wakes is, and how far down they can extend?

The interesting thing to watch as you fly parrallel to a contrail is seeing how the different parts of that trail sink at different rates. Please no one call me out on the explanation of lift- I really oversimplified things to keep the post from being a mile long!
I used to run Barons out of MEM and we used to hear the vortices from the FedEx heavies hitting the roof of our offices almost every night. Uncinus- the pic of the 777 is him transitioning from the top of that thin layer to underneath it. We used to go out in our trainers and bust through clouds all the time, manipulating the tops, bottoms and sides of the clouds just for fun. And that reminds me of this, from Flight magazine, August 15, 1940 – seventy years ago.
Several types of lightning can be visible during storms, thanks to a number of variables that affect the way electricity discharges in the air. Ground-to-cloud lightning is the opposite – in this case, a tall object on the ground initiates a strike that travels up into a cloud.
Over 100,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud, this supernova remnant leaves a giant cloud of gas strewn across space. The O- and B-type stars, because of how massive they are, burn through their fuel very quickly: in a few million years at most.
Just for clarification, these stars are not born out of gas formerly in the exploding motherstar but from gas around the supernova that gets compressed by the shockwave? Most probably it is initiated by the passage of an aircraft, for at low temperatures droplets become frozen, and probably shattered, on contact with the cold aircraft surface.
Parts of the contrail are sinking faster then other parts and it tends to make the trail stretch out vertically. In this way a cloud which would normally take an hour to disperse can be dispersed in five minutes or less.The reason would be, I suppose, merely that any stirring up or mixing will accelerate any physical process already in action in the cloud. Clouds form when the air cools below the dewpoint, and the air can not hold as much water vapor.

The most well-known type is cloud-to-ground lightning, in which a cloud initiates the strike, causing the discharge to arc downward into the ground below.
Lastly, cloud-to-cloud lightning occurs when a bolt arcs between two clouds in the sky without actually reaching the ground. Stars burn their fuel until they no longer can, and then die in one of two impressive ways, depending on how massive they are.
This spectacular explosion is way more violent than the tame planetary nebula, and leaves a remnant full of gas and many light-years wide. Well, give this cloud of gas enough time and enough gravity, and what’s going to happen? So when we find these bright, blue stars, we know that this is a very young cluster of stars! Yet, for the time being, Hubble can enjoy these short-lived stars, and you can get an ultra-close up of them, even though they’re over 100,000 light-years away! Due to immense gravitational forces it is possible, they say, that this is the way how black holes are created. There may also be low pressure regions around the aircraft where the air is cooled to a€”40A°C or below long enough for glaciation of the cloud droplets to occur spontaneously. Featuring lots of penguin pictures and interesting facts to go along with them, this poster is sure to capture the attention of everyone. These three types of strikes make up the bulk of most naturally occurring lightning, though several rarer phenomena may occur in special circumstances. If a star is up to around four times as massive as our Sun, it dies by collapsing down to a white dwarf and blowing off its outer layers into a planetary nebula.

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