July 12, 2015 · by Chelsey · 3 Comments Pin27K Share109 Tweet Stumble +11Make a pair of binoculars for cloud watching using empty toilet paper rolls! We have had some good cloud watching days recently, so the kids and I decided to make something to help us with our cloud observations- cloud-themed binoculars!
Weather by Pamela Chanko and Daniel Moreton is the perfect little non fiction book about weather for toddlers and young preschoolers. I Love The Rain by Margaret Park Bridges is a sweet book about relishing the wet weather instead of hiding from it. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox.
Use wire or string to attach your rainbow to the stick. Put the rainbow into the solution making sure rainbow does not touch the bottom or sides. This would be a fun project to do in class or at home when teaching children the different colors in a rainbow, or around Saint Patricks Day. Borax occurs naturally in evaporate deposits produced by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes.
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When you subscribe with iTunes you will automatically get new updates sent to your computer. Today is my 28th birthday and instead of baking myself a cake (like I did last year), I found all of the best birthday cake recipes from my favorite food blogs to share with you. I’d have to go for #13 myself, assuming it is peanut butter and chocolate, which is my absolute favourite.

Creating a Cloud in a Jar is a great way of extending the learning about clouds and to get kids thinking about how it rains and what causes rain. Making a Cloud in a Jar is so simple to set up and you only need basic items from around the house. Watch carefully as the makes its way through the “cloud” and then drop into the clear water down below. Make predictions before the activity and talk about what is happening throughout the process. LIKE THIS POST  Come join the many playtimes here on Learning4kids, please enter your email address in the subscription box to receive updates right to your inbox! You can read more about our copyright and website terms and conditions by clicking on the link in the tab.
These cloud-themed, cardboard tube binoculars are perfect for a rainy day and would make a great addition to any weather unit. Two little girls are on their way home from school, one hiding under her umbrella the other tongue out loving the rain.
Pin or bookmark this, and next time your or your loved ones’ birthday rolls around, come back for tons of great ideas for the perfect birthday cake. You will find lots of FUN and SIMPLE IDEAS to do with your kids that promote CREATIVE PLAY and LEARNING! The thicker the layer of shaving cream the longer it takes for the drops of colour to come through.
We just finished a weather theme and I definitely want to do this as an extension activity.

Don’t be fooled, it looks like nothing, but trust me little guys will ask you to read it again and again. With a little encouragement both girls are loving all the amazing things about rainy weather, from racing raindrops on the bus windows to comparing the sounds of the rain to tap dancers! In the book all different shapes are shown and readers can guess they look like ice cream cones, a bird, but really they are all clouds. From traditional vanilla to over the top confetti cake with cotton candy cloud frosting, there’s something for everyone! If you use regular liquid glue, you’ll need to clip the tubes together to hold them in place as they dry. It’s important that children get read a variety of things, not simply fiction, so don’t be afraid to get your child a simple little non fiction book like this one!
Living on the rainy west coast I love books about rain and it was an instant hit with my son. After reading this simple book I like going outside to see the clouds and see what shapes, and objects we can find in them.
As the water cools down the water molecules will start releasing the borax, and the crystals will begin to form.

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